Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Win Court Victory Over Security


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have won yet another court battle in the United Kingdom. A high-profile case over security concerns has ended in vindication for the renegade royals. Let’s review the case and see where the chips fell.

Prince Harry Will Be Heard

It’s safe to say Harry is obsessed with keeping his family safe. After what happened to Princess Diana, you can’t exactly blame him. A significant factor in his family’s move to the United States was his desire to keep himself, Markle, and their children safe. A security detail initially provided by Tyler Perry has helped him achieve peace of mind. Harry is seldom spotted without security.

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When Harry and Markle were planning to return to the United Kingdom for the first time, chaos ensued. The royal family refused to provide protection for Harry because he shirked his royal duties. He asked that he be allowed to bring his own American security force over on his own dime. He wanted his security to access some royal tools, but he was again refused.

This is where things get really messy. Harry and the royal family ended up in court over the issue of security. The lawsuit became a tabloid hot topic, with one outlet claiming Harry was blackmailing the royal family through his actions. This was obviously false, as Harry still came over the platinum jubilee.

A Small Victory

The latest news is great for Harry. A High Court judge has agreed to review the decision made over his security arrangements. Justice Swift said, “The application for permission to apply for judicial review is allowed in part and refused in part.” Everything is very hush-hush per court and royal standards, but Harry essentially getting an appeal heard has to feel good.

All He Does Is Win

This minor legal win is just one in a string of legal victories for Harry and Markle. Markle won her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, but that didn’t stop the paper from publishing stories. Harry sued the same outlet soon thereafter for publishing a story about his police protection. It ran a story with the headline: “Exclusive: How Prince Harry tried to keep his legal fight with the government over police bodyguards a secret… then—just minutes after the story broke—his PR machine tried to put a positive spin on the dispute.”

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The courts sided with Harry in that argument as well. It agreed the Mail on Sunday article was defamatory. While Harry is finding success in court, the endless string of court battles must just be exhausting. Only time will tell what kind of agreement Harry and his family reach regarding security. Dollars to donuts the details will never officially be made public.

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