Prince Harry Claimed to Have ‘Revenge’ on Prince Charles Via Charity Scandal and Royal Rumor Claims


Has Prince HarryAnother act of a criminal “revenge”Against his father Prince CharlesAfter suggesting his father and his aides “looked the other way for a megabucks payday”In the ongoing scandal of cash for royal honours? This week, a tabloid reported that Charles is pondering new revelations regarding the scandal made from court documents and now the scandal pits him against his youngest child. Gossip CopThis investigation examines these latest allegations. 

Prince Charles and Prince Harry Fight Over Charity Scandal

“Payoff Bombshell Rocks Charles!”This is the headline in the latest issue of National Enquirer. The tabloid spends some time rehashing the charity scandal that’s plagued Prince Charles since the allegations were first revealed late last year. 

Though Charles’ reps have insisted, “The Prince of Wales has no knowledge of the alleged offer of honors on the basis of donation to his charities,” the outlet cited newly released documents that cast a dark shadow over Charles’ denials. 

Bizarrely, the tabloid claimed that it was the outlet that exposed the scandal of charitable bribes, despite the fact that it was exposed by a British publication. Silver Screen Beatday Times. The article continues, despite the misinformation. 

Refer to the following documents “a smoking gun”This is what it has. “exploded around his jug ears,”Charles was noted in the tabloid. “secretly broke protocol”To hold an off-the books ceremony to award Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, a billionaire from Saudi Arabia, the prestigious title Commander of The Order of the British Empire 

This event took place in Buckingham Palace in 2016. It was never included on the official court calendar. It was also mentioned by the outlet that “the billionaire and his brood running wild and snapping selfies”Following the hush hush ceremony. No additional details were provided, so we’re left to assume that taking selfies was how Mahfouz’s “brood”It was wild. That doesn’t seem too “wild” to us, but we won’t get in the way of the Enquirer’sDramatic passions are a must. 

A new wedge between father and son?

The scandal has certainly done nothing good for Prince Charles, and now it’s apparently driving a new wedge between him and his younger son, Prince Harry. After Harry took “the astonishing step of distancing himself from Charles’ troubles”Insisteding that he alerted Mahfouz years prior to the scandal. 

The tabloid is informed by an alleged palace insider“Charles denies all knowledge of the ‘cash for royal rewards’ scheme, but Harry’s charge he raised red flags about the tycoon implies his father and advisers looked the other way for a megabucks payday.”The so-called insider persists “Harry’s clearly determined not to be dragged into this scandal. By taking a public swipe at Charles, he’s turned any spotlight of guilt off himself and squarely on his father — another revenge mission accomplished!” 

What’s Really Going On?

What the source and the tabloid conveniently left out was the fact that Prince Harry’s comments weren’t made in a vacuum. It seems that Harry made these comments out of sheer boredom. In reality, Harry’s rep made the remark after it was revealed that the Duke of Sussex had also accepted charitable donations from the embattled Saudi businessman. 

Harry wasn’t intentionally throwing Charles under the bus. He was clearly defending himself. That being said, it has been reported that this hasn’t done much to smooth over relations between father and son, which has been notoriously frosty since Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, moved to the United States in early 2020. The final question is: Was Harry making these comments public in retribution against his father? If so, has Charles been hurt? 

The first is obviously false since Harry has made it clear over the last two years that his intention isn’t to cause harm to the British royal family, though he’s received criticism for his less than glowing statements about growing up royal. Regardless of Harry’s sometimes critical remarks about his upbringing as a member of the royal family, it’s highly unlikely and out of character for him to take a swipe at his father out of malice. 

As for the second question, it does seem likely that Charles would be less than pleased about his son making public remarks about a scandal that could be incredibly damaging to his own reputation as well as the reputation of the royal family’s charitable works. Although the family relationship between Prince Charles, his son, and the Royal Family has been in decline over the years this is evidently just one more attempt by the monarchy to salvage it. InquireDrama is created to create drama wherever there is none.