Prince Harry “Hell-Bent On Revenge” Over Princess Diana’s Party Snub


Prince Harry Meghan MarkleRecently, they confirmed that they would not attend the Princess Diana memorial bash in Britain. Although many believe they did not go to the event for their own reasons one tabloid says they were never invited. Here’s what we know about the party snub.

Prince Harry uses Memoir to get revenge on the Royals

This week’s edition of Neue Idea Reports suggest that Prince Harry is furious over a slight he received from his royal cousins. Recent reports show that Harry and Meghan did not travel to the UK for the late celebration of the Princess Diana Memorial. Many expected Harry to attend, as he was involved in the erecting of the statue. However, the tabloid insists the duke didn’t feel welcome. According to the magazine’s sources, something major must have happened to keep Harry away from the event.

The outlet says that Harry can retaliate if he feels rejected by his family. “With everything that’s happened, there’s a genuine worry that Meghan and Harry will use anything and everything in future productions or tell-alls,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “Either way, if Harry has been uninvited to or made to feel unwelcome at a party honoring his own mother, he’ll be hell-bent on revenge, which will likely come in the form of his memoir.”

Prince Harry Converts Anger Into Tell-All

First, the tabloid suggests Harry is not in it. may You should be mad at royalty for no apparent reason. The tabloid’s vague claims are a major red flag. It’s obvious there was no story here and the magazine was simply speculating.

There’s nothing sinister or even suspicious about Prince Harry’s absence from the celebration. Harry and Markle have just returned from a trip in New York City and have two young children to look after at home. Since Harry already made the trek to the UK for the statue unveiling, there doesn’t seem to be any pressing need for him to attend this celebration.

The belated event was to thank donors who contributed to the statue’s creation. It was more about honoring Diana than it was about preserving her memory. According to PeopleHarry It hasBeen Reaching out to donors privately. With that in mind, we doubt he declined to attend the celebration because he didn’t feel welcome or because he’s mad at anyone. It is understandable that he would prefer to be with his family and express his gratitude to the donors.

The Tabloid on Prince Harry

This isn’t the first time. Neue Idea The magazine was wrong about Prince Harry. The magazine reported last year that Harry fled to the UK in order to escape Markle. After the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue, the outlet reported that Harry and William had a heated argument. A tabloid recently reported that Markle was furious about Harry’s flirtation with a woman. “sporty brunette.”It is clear that Neue Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to the Duke of Sussex.

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