Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly At Risk Of Losing $130 Million Deals; Spotify, Netflix Reportedly Upset


Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting fired? One report says the two are losing millions because they aren’t making enough content for Spotify and Netflix. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Nothing To Show For It’

According to In Touch, Harry and Markle are blowing their golden opportunities at Spotify and Netflix. The two signed contracts in 2020 totaling over $130 million, enabling them to stay away from the royal family. Since those contracts were signed, they have produced very little.

A source says “the Sussexes have been all talk and no action.” Since buying a mansion and welcoming a baby, the two have only recorded 34 minutes of content. Even by pandemic standards, the two are moving slowly. “Harry and Meghan are under pressure to deliver,” an insider says, “there’s talk they could be fired!”

Both Spotify and Netflix have posted jobs recruiting for Archewell productions, which a source says is a sign of impatience. The corporations “have been forced to take production into their own hands.” The two pledged to be executive producers, but now they’re in over their heads. A source concludes that if the two can’t make some content soon, “they could end up losing everything.”

These Things Take Time

First off, how is a job posting a sign of impatience? Looking for employees is a sign of action on behalf of Archewell. Folks are officially getting hired to complete the grunt work of production, so that means things are coming along smoothly.

As the tabloid points out, Harry and Markle have been pretty busy welcoming their daughter Lilibet Diana into the world. It doesn’t help that Archewell’s first Netflix productions are Pearl, an animated series, and a Harry-helmed documentary on the Invictus Games. Documentaries and animation take longer than many other productions, but that doesn’t mean the two are off track at all. Heart of Invictus can’t come out until the games occur in 2022, so there’s no real timetable on that.

Spotify and Netflix are billion-dollar enterprises that understand full well how to make contracts. They wouldn’t just give the Sussexes $138 million upfront with no expectation of content. That’s not how content works. If you don’t trust Markle and Harry, then you should trust Spotify and Netflix’s ability to generate content. They definitely know what they’re doing.

Other Royal Attacks

You can’t trust In Touch’s so-called sources because they’ve blown it many times before. It claimed Meghan Markle was obsessed with Prince William and deceptively promised details from Markle’s personal diary. Those stories were comically false and had no real evidence behind them.

This outlet also announced Markle was writing a memoir that would bash the royal family, yet she’s only written a children’s book. It has no insight into Markle’s life, so this story of a faulty timeline should be disregarded. Good content simply takes time to create, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very busy people.

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