Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allowedly Refused Queen’s Requests To Visit Lilibet in the Face of Health Downturn, Royal Feud Rumors and Reports Claim


Are youPrince HarryAnd Meghan Markle Do not ignoreQueen Elizabeth‘s pleas for them to visit? Royal gossip says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are refusing to go anywhere near the rest of the royal family. Here’Here are some shocking rumors we know.

Meghan Markle Using ‘Emotional Blackmail’?

This entire story started when the National Enquirer accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of faking their security concerns just to get the queen’s hopes up about seeing Lilibet. “Harry and Meghan have such huge egos, they’re trying to rewrite the rules—using their children as pawns,”One source was flambée. “This is a disgusting case of emotional blackmail against Harry’s family!”

Of course, all evidence suggested that the Sussexes’ security concerns were genuine. Since Harry and Markle’s safety would be at greater risk and their personal security team would be at a disadvantage across the pond, it only made sense that they were seeking extra protection. And the mere fact that they’ve put so much effort into getting these protections reinstated shows that they intend to visit the UK at some point.

Prince Harry Ignoring Queen Elizabeth’s Request?

Then, In Touch The royal family continued to paint the Sussexes and their actions as cruel crusaders. This time, the story was that Prince Harry wasn’t letting his grandmother see his highly anticipated memoir until it hits shelves. “He promised to show her the final draft in order to get her stamp of approval before it’s published, but when she called and asked him to send her a copy, he refused,”Insider dish. “There are fears he’ll go on a royal character assassination spree.”

But unbeknownst to the tabloid, Harry’s memoir was the furthest thing from Her Majesty’s mind. The queen was fighting COVID-19 at the time of this report. The only thing people were concerned about was the queen’s health, not wild speculation as to what Harry mayIn his memoir, he said. This story didn’t have any meaningful information to share so we had no problem dismissing it. Given the current state of the queen’s health, we doubt it’s high on her list of priorities.

Sussexes refuse to let Queen Lilibet Meet The Queen

Finally, Woman’s Day Markle and Harry wanted it More More than police protection. The Sussexes demanded to be given honors and an estate, it seems. “Where the Jubilee is concerned, he wants a guarantee that both himself and his wife Meghan will be awarded Jubilee medals alongside the rest of the family,”Insiders reveal. “If Harry’s to come home more often he wants something way more secure. The queen certainly has a lot of thinking to do.”

This report was completely unexpected. No one in the royal family is talking about Jubilee medals—they’re talking about the queen’s poor health and praying for her recovery. Due to her declining health, the queen skipped another event recently. The world will be watching for any updates. Furthermore, Harry has only ever mentioned regaining police protection, a matter that still hasn’t been settled. Harry isn’t demanding any castles or titles since he firmly left that world behind for his life in the United States.

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