Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Slammed for Allegingly Being ‘Neighbors of Hell,’ Dubious Source Claims


Are You Meghan Markle Prince HarryAre they a welcome sight in Montecito According to one report, they are welcome in Montecito “neighbors from hell”They are driving people out of the state. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tacky Royals Set Up Shop’

The following is an extract from the Globe, Harry and Markle’s rich neighbors are furiously selling their mansions to get away from the royals. Experts say property values are falling in the Sunshine State with billionaire Peter Sperling as neighbors. Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe both selling their mansions since the couple moved into town.

“You’d think property values would skyrocket when royalty moves in, with people eager to buy in and brag they’re living next to a duke and duchess,”An insider tells it like it is “but the opposite seems true.”

The Sussexes’ eagerness is a problem. “It shows that instead of being viewed as classy, they’re looking like they’re tacky,”Source: An insider’s conclusion. “Even wealthy people — who normally fawn and gush over royalty — apparently can’t wait to move out of their neighborhood.”

What’s Going On With The Sussexes

This story is filled with desperation, obsession and a sense of helplessness. The tabloid really decided to study where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live so it could track who’s moving out. Guess what: If someone’s moving out, then somebody else is moving in. Selling million-dollar homes can be difficult and takes years. What does it have to do with the person who lives next door?

Markle and Harry don’t show off their wealth, contrary to what the source claims. Unlike the Kardashians or Queen Elizabeth, wealth and expensive things aren’t a part of their brand. They don’t have social media posts priming anything tacky because they don’t even have social media. The two understandably keep their private life private, so it doesn’t make sense that this would affect local property values.

Montecito is also a huge place. According to the story “three megabucks homes”Have sold since the couple moved into. Is this a lot? Three houses in two-years sounds low, or just what you would reasonably expect. If people were moving out, this number would be even higher.

Other Bogus Stories

Gossip CopThis rumor has been debunked before. Last year, StarHarry and Markle claimed they were “neighbors from hell,”Yet, they appear to have many famous friends. Life & StyleA whole story was published about the concept. It attacked Harry and Markle because they allegedly didn’t pick up after their dogs. This story is over.

The GlobeIt once accused Markle that she staged her miscarriage to get publicity. In a trashy world, it’s one of the absolute worst. You shouldn’t believe a word it prints, for it’s fueled on profits and hatred instead of the news.