Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Lives Allegedly ‘Starting To Unravel’ Over $4.2 Million Security Costs And Spotify Controversy, Gossip Says


Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle due for a major crash after months of good fortune? One tabloid claims the couple’s “new life” is about to be pulled out from under them. Here’s the latest Sussex gossip.

Harry And Meghan’s Lives ‘Starting To Unravel’?

This week, Who reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s $250 million Spotify deal is at a major risk. In the year since finalizing their contract, the Sussexes have only produced a single podcast episode. “Spotify has been waiting a long time for some content from Harry and Meghan and now it appears they have finally taken matters into their own hands,” a source told Silver Screen Beat.

And now that the streaming service is under fire for allowing COVID-19 misinformation to spread on the platform, the Sussexes are now being criticized for not breaking their contract.

But the duke and duchess may not be financially able to give up the deal. Apparently, the Sussexes are considering selling their $20 million home because the upkeep is too expensive. “Meghan and Harry had every intention of conquering the U.S. and turning their brand into a cash cow,” an insider told Star. “But there is a big gap between their earning and their spending, they’re on their way to going broke.” The couple also has to reportedly account for their $4.2 million yearly security bill.

And now that Prince Harry has petitioned the British court system to reinstate his police protections in the UK, experts speculate that he’s planning to come home. “This isn’t Harry pushing for police protection on the off-chance they’ll come home,” a tipster told OK!. “This is clearly part of a plan they now have to return.”

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Going Broke’?

While there are nuggets of truth in this story, the majority of its claims are disputable. First of all, it’s true Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have dragged their feet on their deal with Spotify. In fact, the couple recently claimed that the streaming service’s misinformation controversy played a part in their struggle to work with the platform. Apparently, the couple reached out to Spotify as early as April over COVID-19 misinformation concerns.

But nevertheless, their spokesperson added, “We look to Spotify to meet this moment and are committed to continuing our work together as it does.” So, clearly, they still plan to keep their word and work with Spotify, but they’re also not ignoring the platform’s recent controversies. While future negotiations with the company remain uncertain, it doesn’t look like the Sussexes are losing money quite yet.

Furthermore, the couple isn’t moving because they can’t afford their home. Sources say the couple is considering a move over privacy concerns. That reason checks out, considering they’ve had issues with intruders trespassing on their property since settling into their Montecito digs. And now that they have two little ones to worry about, their desire for security has likely only gotten stronger.

The Tabloids On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Besides, these are repeat rumors. We recently debunked a story from In Touch claiming the Sussexes were losing their streaming deals. We also addressed a story from the National Enquirer claiming the Sussexes were planning to move back to the UK. Our investigations proved that there was nothing to worry about, and these tabloids were just speculating wildly about the Sussexes’ lives. And since we busted Who for claiming Prince Harry was relishing a “new life without Meghan” back in September, we’re hesitant to take this story too seriously.

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