Prince Harry, Prince William Fighting more than Ever after a disastrous meeting?


Two princes who were once very close have now parted ways. This would have been the 1200s. Prince Harry Prince WilliamOne could expect to wage war on the throne. Luckily, it’s 2021, so the only fighting appears on the covers of tabloids.

It has been widely speculated that Harry and William have split up. You can’t argue they’re as close as they once were, and that narrative just too juicy to pass up. The pot was only stirred further when Harry returned to the United Kingdom for the unveiling of his mother’s statue. The brothers were the first to appear outside of a funeral or church in years.

Was it a nasty fight between the two? Are they closer than ever and was Meghan Markle involved in the fight between them? Here’s what some are saying about Harry and William’s curious reunion.

Devastating Fight?

In the eyes In TouchThe “uneasy truce”The Princess Diana statue caused a rift between William and Harry. According to a source, Queen Elizabeth tried to reconcile them but it was not clear if she did so. “it ended in disaster!”William was so disgusted at Markle that he refused to listen to Harry. A source claimed that “he made it very clear he won’t budge until he gets a real apology from both Harry and Meghan.”

You may be asking when will they resume hostilities. What counts as a true apology? Click here to learn more.

William And Harry’s Iciest Meeting Yet

Okay!The story was slightly different. Although it agreed with Harry and William being at odds, the insider said that they were really icy and awkward around each other. According to an insider, “Judging from their stone faces and body language, it’s obvious they’re more estranged than ever.”Harry was disappointed at the lack of reception but neither Harry nor his companion felt the need for an apology.

Is it possible that the brothers are slowly falling apart? Check out our investigation to see what we have discovered.

Prince William ‘Spitting Venom’?

Neue IdeaBelieves that a fight took place as well. Kate Middleton was trying to get both the brothers onto the same page. They did have an. “ugly confrontation”All the same. Insider: “Harry made it even more difficult than it had to be. He wouldn’t go to rehearsals, he refused to share the details of his speech in advance and basically made everyone very nervous. William was spitting venom.”They bullied each other instead of apologizing.

Is the feud getting worse? Or is it all just a hooey? There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s by looking at our breakdown here. Any time Harry and William interact these days, it’s sure to make headlines.

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