Prince Harry says quitting your job can ‘bring joy’ after ditching royals with Meghan


Prince Harry has suggested that quitting a job can ‘bring joy’, nearly two years after he and Meghan Markle stepped back as leading royals.

Since making the shock announcement in January 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been working in several different capacities in the US.

37-year-old Harry has now said that job resignations “aren’t all bad”, and that leaving a role that negatively impacts your mental health is to be “celebrated”.

He made the comments whilst speaking at an event hosted by BetterUp, a mental health-orientated consultancy firm of which the duke is now chief impact officer.

Prince Harry says quitting job can 'bring joy' after ditching royals with Meghan Markle
The Sussexes have worked with Spotify and Netflix since moving to the US

Harry said: “I’ve actually discovered recently, courtesy of a chat with Adam Grant, that a lot of the job resignations you mention aren’t all bad.

“In fact, it is a sign that with self-awareness comes the need for change.

“Many people around the world have been stuck in jobs that didn’t bring them joy, and now they’re putting their mental health and happiness first.

“This is something to be celebrated.

Prince Harry says quitting job can 'bring joy' after ditching royals with Meghan Markle
Harry and Meghan have both said that their mental health suffered whilst they worked as royals

“While on the surface it looks like these last couple of years brought all these issues to the foreground, the reality is these struggles and issues have been brewing for quite some time.

“We’re just at the beginning of the mental health awakening.”

Harry’s role at $4.7 billion (£3.5 billion) firm BetterUp is just one of several new jobs the Sussexes have taken on since ditching the Royal Family.

Others include multi-million dollar deals to work with the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

Prince Harry says quitting job can 'bring joy' after ditching royals with Meghan Markle
Harry was recently announced as chief impact officer at mental health-orientated consultancy firm BetterUp

Both Harry and Meghan opened up about the mental health issues they suffered as working royals when they were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

Harry said that there had been a “total neglect” of his woes as he discussed his trauma following Princess Diana’s death.

Meghan revealed that she had suffered serious suicidal thoughts during her time in The Firm.

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