Prince Harry sold his guns and quit hunting to “please Meghan”


Prince Harry was forced to quit his favorite hobby because Meghan Markle didn’t like it.

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex is said to have sold his shooting rifle collection estimated to be worth around £50,000 in an effort to please his anti-hunting wife.

According to reports, a stunned hunter bought the firearms five months prior to the pair’stepped back as working royals’ and moved to California. Silver Screen Beats.

Harry started the sport as a child. In 2016, Harry was even said to have killed himself and his buddies.A man known as “The Boar Terminator” took 15 wild boar on a hunt trip to Germany with a group of men.

However, his hunting days are long gone as activist Meghan is opposed to blood sports. She eats vegan during the week.

Prince Harry used to love hunting but had to give it up for Meghan, it is claimed
Prince Harry loved hunting, but had to give up on it for Meghan.

An anonymous buyer friend said that: “He bought them because he wanted them, not because they belonged to Harry, but he was quite chuffed when he found out.

“They are beautiful examples and he’s very pleased with them but he’s not the sort of person who wants to boast about the royal connection.”

Both Harry and brother William have been criticised in the past for their hunting habits, which they have maintained despite their extensive wildlife campaigning.

Primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, 88, a friend of Harry’s, told the Radio Times in 2020 that she expected the Duke to give up hunting.

The Duke took part in the bloodsport as a child, and later hunted with a man named 'The Boar Terminator'
The Duke was a child participant in bloodsport and later hunted with “The Boar Terminator”.

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She said that William and Harry were the champions for the natural world. “except they hunt and shoot”And more: “I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.”

A recent activity suggests that Harry may not have completely abandoned his life on Earth. “wild side”, however.

The Duke of Sussex was seen last month wearing a cowboy cap at a Texas rodeo. One witness said it was his. “shocking”To see him at an animal rights activist’s cruel event.

Silver Screen Beat reached out to the Duke and Duchess Sussex to get their opinion.

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