Prince William Allegedly Feels Slighted & Humiliated By Harry’s Comments About Family, Royal Rumor Says


Did Prince HarryOffense Prince WilliamIn his recent interview? One tabloid reports that the brothers have a dispute over how to take care of their grandmother. Let’s take a closer look at the brothers’ alleged feud.

Prince Harry ‘Humiliates Royal Family Again’?

The most recent edition of National Enquirer reports Prince Harry’s latest interview wasn’t well-received by his royal relatives. Harry met with his royal relatives to promote the Invictus Games. Today‘s Hoda Kotb, but sources say no one was expecting his latest “bombshell comments.” As the Duke of Sussex dished on his recent visit with the queen, he went on about his “really special” bond with Her Majesty. “We talk about things that she can’t talk about with anybody else,” he noted. “I’m just making sure she is protected and has got the right people around her.”

But the outlet’s royal experts insist that Harry’s comments were like knives in his family’s backs. “His arrogance knows no bounds,”Insider tips “His comment is a gross insult to the royal family, doctors, and aides around the queen.” And sources say that Harry’s latest slight really set any hope of reconciliation back. “It looked like royal bridges were finally being rebuilt,”The tipster trusts. “But I’m told Harry’s explosive interview likely put the kibosh on that!”

Prince Harry ‘Brushing Off’Prince William?

The outlet is blowing Harry’s comments way out of proportion. It’s obvious that the magazine was going to take issue with anything Harry said in his interview, and you can really see the outlet reaching with this story. Admittedly, just because of how vague Harry’s comment was, there are a lot of ways you can read into it. But, there is one thing certain. absolutely clear from Harry’s statementHe loves his grandmother.

And since Harry is no longer living in the UK, it’s understandable that his inability to ensure the queen’s protection weighs on him. From where we’re standing, it seemed less like a slight and more like a testament to how much he cares about Her Majesty. Are his comments perhaps a little haphazard? It’s possible. They were. “bombshells”As the tabloid claims, the target is the royal family. It is not.

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Given the story’s credibility, we were skeptical. National Enquirer‘s past reporting on Prince Harry. Not too long ago, the outlet claimed Meghan Markle had Harry “under her thumb.” Then the magazine reported Harry and Markle were near divorce. And most recently, the publication alleged Harry was blackmailing the queen to get royal protection. Clearly, the Enquirer can’The Duke of Sussex cannot be trusted.

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