Prince William, Kate Middleton Allegedly Confronted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over Royal Feud Last year, Gossip Claimed


Did Prince WilliamAnd Kate MiddletonTake a secret trip down to Los Angeles last year. One tabloid claims that the Cambridges had planned to meet Prince Harry or Meghan Markle face to face. Let’s take another look at the shocking rumor.

William and Kate Middleton ‘In Damage Control’?

Last March Woman’s Day According to reports, Prince William and Kate Middleton wanted to reunite with Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. After the Sussexes’ now-infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey, sources insisted that the Cambridges wanted to make amends. “Harry and Meghan made it clear that they love William and think Kate is ‘a good person’ to use Meghan’s words. So the idea is to orchestrate a meeting between the four of them in Los Angeles,”An insider’s view

“[The Cambridges] want to find out more about Meghan’s mental health struggles and how they could have done better.”The tipter stated that the Cambridges wanted things to be in order prior to the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana. “The project has been a labor of love over the course of years for both brothers and William is determined to put this ugly feud behind them before then.”

William and Kate Cross the Pond

Although it was difficult to be angry at such a positive story, it was impossible to forget that it was fiction. COVID-19 made international travel an unwise idea. The royals had been trying to avoid it since the beginning of the pandemic. It is also common to hear about the royal family’s travels. It would be almost impossible for the Cambridges cross the Atlantic with no credible media outlet reporting it.

Now, a year later, we can see that we were correct. The Cambridges never made it to California. But, notably, it didn’t look like the trip was necessary. The unveiling of the Princess Diana statue was attended by Prince Harry in July. Everything went without a hitch. While we can’t say how Harry and William’s relationship has fared over the last year, it certainly looked like they got along just fine in their brief time together.

Other Tall Tales from the Tabloid

You can, of course. Woman’s Day hasn’t slowed down with its inaccurate reporting on the royal family. The magazine reported that Queen Elizabeth was shaking after Meghan Markle sent her an email last month. “cruel letter.”The outlet then claimed that Markle had forced Prince Harry to end his friendships and marriages with other royals. The publication also claimed that Harry and Markle were having trouble making friends in California. Clearly, Woman’s Day isn’t a reliable source anywhere the royals are concerned.

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