Prince William Struggling To Keep It Together Amid Queen Elizabeth’s Failing Health?


Is Prince William a mess over Queen Elizabeth‘s latest health struggles? One tabloid claims Kate Middleton is desperately trying to console her husband so they can resume their royal duties. Let’s check in on the Duke of Cambridge.

Queen’s Health Troubles Are ‘Too Much’ For Prince William?

The latest edition of Woman’s Day reports Prince William was worse for wear after finding out Queen Elizabeth spent the night in a hospital. After getting the news, it finally hit William that the queen is near the end of her reign. “It is inevitable, of course, William knows that, but mentally preparing himself for the queen to no longer be his confidante and guide is very different from the reality of it actually happening,” a royal insider dishes.

“Wills was worried sick when she was hospitalized, and even though she’s out of the woods, her team taking an axe to her public engagements diary was further proof that things are changing at the palace — and fast.” The queen was quickly released from the hospital and palace informants said she was on the mend, but she immediately canceled her public appearances and was given orders to rest.

While William has been struggling to get ahold of his emotions, his wife, Kate Middleton, is there to help. “Kate’s terribly sad as well, but she’s made it her mission to jolly her husband along,” a tipster muses. “She’s told him that Granny doesn’t want him feeling sorry for her and sad for himself. He needs to step up and support her, and keep the family running smoothly. Honestly, Wills doesn’t know what he’d do without Kate.”

So, Middleton packed up her family and took them on vacation. “Kate was keen for them to forget their troubles for a few days and be like a normal family,” the source reveals. “Duty will call back in London soon enough and, one day, without the Queen, so she feels they should make the most of their time together before a lot more responsibility falls to William and herself.”

Kate Middleton Tells William ‘Granny Needs Us’?

It only makes sense that Prince William would be a bit emotional when thinking about losing his grandmother. That being said, we doubt it’s hindering his ability to work. Prince William continues to fulfill his royal duties without taking a beat. And most recently, the duke delivered a powerful speech during the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference. While we’re sure Middleton supports her husband emotionally, we doubt she’s the sole thing keeping him from falling apart.

Besides, Queen Elizabeth’s health isn’t in any immediate danger. While she was unable to attend the UN climate crisis, she had no trouble recording an intimate address for the event. Not long after, onlookers were surprised to see the queen driving around Windsor all on her own. Since the queen isn’t going anywhere for a little while, we’re sure her loved ones are keeping it together.

The Outlet On Prince William

This isn’t the first time Woman’s Day has been wrong about the Duke of Cambridge. Last year, the tabloid alleged William ordered Meghan Markle to “stop wearing” Princess Diana’s jewelry. Then the outlet claimed the queen intended to name him the next king. And the publication even reported William and Middleton were flying to Los Angeles to confront Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t the most reliable when it comes to the Cambridges.