Prince William to Receive New Royal Title Following Death of Queen Elizabeth


The death of Queen Elizabeth II last week means that many people in the line of succession will have new titles. Not only does that include the newly-crowned King Charles III, but his heir Prince William. Prince William and his wife will now inherit the title of Prince and Princess of Wales, along with the Duchy of Cornwall.

The new heir to the British throne has already held the title of Duke of Cambridge for many years now. According to a report by The Telegraph, he will now become William, Prince of Wales as well as the Duke of Cornwall. Cornwall is a private estate that has been passed to the heir of the throne since the year 1337. King Charles announced that Prince William will take on this duty in his televised speech on Saturday.

King Charles made note that Prince William will tackle these new responsibilities “with Catherine beside him,” emphasizing that Kate Middleton is included in these inheritances. He promised that these two would “inspire and lead our national conversations” and use their notoriety and resources to help with “marginal causes.” He also followed some old traditions and ceremonies in this speech.

The king pronounced his elder son the Prince of Wales and then repeated the new title in the Welsh language – “Tywysog Cymru.” In centuries past, “Prince of Wales” was a title used by independent Welsh monarchs after the term “king” fell out of fashion there. However, starting in the 14th century the British monarchs gave the title to their heirs. King Edward I of England captured Wales by force in 1283, deeming it a “principality” of the “Realm of England.” English monarchs first used the term for their heirs in 1301.

This title is traditional and iconic, but it does not pass down automatically. It is up to each monarch to pass the title of Prince or Princess of Wales down to their heir. Over the years, native Welsh leaders sometimes rose in rebellion against the crown and sought to reclaim the title for themselves.

Royal experts have pointed out that the king did not even name of all of Prince William’s new titles in his speech this weekend. Assuming traditions hold, Prince William will now also become the Duke of Rothesay, the Earl of Carrick, the baron of Renfrew and Lord of the Isles. He will have castles and estates in Scotland, England and Wales to visit. He will still hold the title “Duke of Cambridge” as well.

The royal family is trying to balance questions of succession with mourning for the queen as all eyes continue to focus on them through this difficult time. Many are happy to let the question of titles wait until the queen’s funeral is over.

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