Princes Charles and Andrew ‘planned to ax brother Andrew over Christmas so that the Queen would be helped’


Prince Charles, it is claimed, decided Andrew had to be removed as he was causing damage to the Royal Family’s image. Then he sorted the backing of William

It is claimed that Prince Charles planned to axe his brother Andrew during Christmas.

Andrew was to be removed from the royal fold by the Prince of Wales. “run out of road”According to reports, William did not get financial backing before that.

Andrew’s royal patronages and military links were taken by the Royal Family on Thursday. They declared that he would no longer be known to anyone. “His Royal Highness.”

Charles is reported to have spoken with William before meeting with the Queen. It was decided that Andrew needed to be removed because he was causing damage to the image of the Royal Family.

Sources said that Charles made the decision to make it over Christmas. Silver Screen BeatsAfter Andrew’s sex abuse hearing in this month, he and William spoke with the Queen. He hoped that the case would be dismissed.

It was accepted by the Queen “of the same opinion”However, with a “heavy heart”Before other royals were also consulted, and they agreed.

Andrew received the news from Princess Anne, Prince Edward and his Royal Lodge at the weekend.

Silver Screen Beat was informed by a source “The collective view was that Andrew was damaging the entire family.”

Another statement: “He felt he’s just run out of road. So he discussed it with William in the days between Christmas and New Year and his son fully agreed with him. William and Charles then informed the Queen that they were of the same opinion. Ultimately, it was the Queen’s final decision but she told them she shared their view. The Queen and Andrew had the final conversations on the matter on Thursday.”

Another source said that Andrew had handled the situation poorly and William was of similar opinion.

Andrew’s expulsion from the royal life has raised questions about whether Andrew’s security payment will be made for the Queen’s child.

The bill to the taxpayer for Andrew’s annual security is said to be £2million and retired Chief Superintendent Dai Davis said for the time being he is likely to have a higher threat level as he is frequently in the news.

The Daily MailReports claim that he said the following: “Whether (or not) he continues to use his titles, he remains the Queen’s son. Whether or not he is still afforded specialist protection will be based entirely around how serious intelligence suggests the threat level will be.”

Home Office advisers, the Queen’s private security and a specialist committee will decide what the threat level is, said Mr Davies.

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