Princess Anne confers knighthood on Steve McQueen, Director


Steve McQueenOne of the greatest living British directors. He can now add knighthood to his impressive list. Princess AnneKnighted the 12 years as a slaveToday, director at Windsor Castle.

From Ealing to Windsor

McQueen, the son of immigrants was born in London and grew up in Ealing. McQueen was a big Tottenham Hotspur fan and earned a BFA from the University of London, where he discovered his passion for film. McQueen went on to become a visual artist. He won the Turner Prize 1999 for his video inspired by Buster Keaton. Soon after, he was made an official war-artist and began covering Iraq.

McQueen returned to feature films. His first feature film, HungerThe movie starred Michael Fassbender in the role of Bobby Sands during an Irish hunger strike in 1981. McQueen won the Cannes Film Festival’s first-time director prize. This made McQueen the first British director ever to receive the award. He received honors around the globe. HungerAnd he was only just getting started.

And even more

McQueen, Fassbender, and McQueen worked together on McQueen’s next movie. Shame. Critical acclaim was given to the gritty drama about sex addiction. McQueen’s 2013 release was a great success. 12 years as a slaveThis heartbreaking film is about a Black man who is kidnapped and forced into slavery. It won Best Picture at Academy Awards, cementing it cinematic immortality.

Go Back to England

After the success of 12 years as a slaveMcQueen started focusing more on England. 2018’s WidowsBased on a British TV series, heist thriller “The Unknown” is a popular one. His Small Axe anthology series was designed to give voice to folks in London who don’t usually get a voice in media. Two of the series’ films, MangroveAnd Lovers Rock, they were close to being up for the Cannes Film Festival in that same year. McQueen would be the first filmmaker ever to accomplish this feat, if not for COVID-19.

Sir Steve McQueen

McQueen was knighted in an official ceremony at Windsor Castle by Princess Anne. His impressive resume and status as one of Britain’s foremost Black filmmakers in history make him an easy choice.

McQueen addressed the audience during the ceremony. Films to come BlitzAnne. McQueen says, “It’s about London, starting in 1940, this is what we’re attempting to do and we’ll see how it pans out.”He also stated that he was “very happy”For his mother on the occasion. Bravo!

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