Princess Charlotte’s Cheeky Display Takes Show At The Commonwealth Games


Princess CharlotteShe is having the time and life of her dreams. She was accompanied Prince WilliamAnd Kate MiddletonShe was adorable as a button at the Commonwealth Games. Her big brother had a similar experience. Prince GeorgeHis Wimbledon debut last month.

A Jubilee to All

Each of William and Middleton’s children has had a chance to shine this year. First, Prince Louis displayed the most inhumane display at the Platinum Jubilee. As a four-year-old, he was quite a brat and stole the show with his ridiculous faces. Middleton gave him a harsh look for his jesting.

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George made his Wimbledon debut next. He was dressed in a little suit and tie. Wimbledon has a strict dress code, and sitting front row in the Royal Box means you can’t try and break it. George was reported to have complainedHe was not happy about the 84-degree heat, but he seemed to have a lot of fun. He even got to hold Novak Djokovic’s prized trophy.

Princess Charlotte: Herself

Charlotte finally got to shine. She joined her father in wishing him good luck. England’s women’s soccer team. She smiled sweetly, and then said, “Good luck! I hope you win. Bye!”She was fulfilled when the team won England silverware, the first time that the country has received it since the Beatles made records.

Charlotte was next at the Commonwealth Games. It is a sporting event that features athletes from all over the British Empire. William and Middleton brought Charlotte solo, as George did to Wimbledon. She didn’t disappoint.

Charlotte was seen making fierce faces all night and clapping loudly. She wore a black-and-white striped dress that complemented Middleton’s bold white suit. Sometimes you can see her staring at the sky in awe. It seems like the whole family is having a lot of fun.

What’s Her Favorite Sport?

The event meant we could learn what Charlotte’s favorite sport is. Tim Lawler, A head honcho at Commonwealth GamesThe story was told Hello!: “She really, really loved seeing the swimming, but she’s interested in gymnastics, and while they’re trying lots of different sports at home, I understand, when I asked her about sport she answered very easily and said, ‘It’s gymnastics that I like.””

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There you have it: Charlotte’s a gymnastics fan. It’s nice to see William and Middleton try to get some meaningful one-on-one time with each of their children.

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