Princess Diana Turned This Jewelry Mishap Into Fashion Statement


Princess Diana was known for her daring fashion statements and beautiful outfits, but one noteworthy look was actually the result of a wardrobe malfunction. Here’s the story behind Diana’s emerald-and-diamond choker-turned-headband. 

Diana’s Emerald-And-Diamond Choker

The princess had a lot of jewels at her disposal, but one of her favorites was an art deco emerald-and-diamond choker. The necklace was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth. It initially came to the royal family in 1911, as a gift to Queen Mary by the Delhi Durbar during a visit to India. 

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Diana wore the necklace a lot, but many remember her using it as a headband. While the princess was known for making fashion statements, royal biographer Kitty Kelley claimed the idea of using the choker as a hair piece was a total accident. 

Royal Biographer Claims Her Headband Look Was An Accident

In her book The Royals, Kelley alleged that Diana was in a rush to get ready one evening. Instead of waiting for someone to help her put the necklace on, she tried to pull the choker over her head. 

It got stuck and wouldn’t go over her nose, but Canadian diplomat Victor Chapman reportedly convinced the princess to wear the diamond-and-emerald choker as a headband. Paired with a stunning bright green gown, Diana turned heads and made a major fashion statement with the look. 

“When it came to wearing jewelry, Princess Diana knew exactly how to make each piece stand out,” Maxwell Stone, the creative director of jewelry company Steven Stone, explained. “From remodeling brooches into necklaces to wearing chokers as headbands, she set some huge trends and was always showcasing her jewels in unique ways.”

The Queen Was Reportedly Not A Fan

He continued, “Whether it was an accident or not, wearing the Delhi Durbar Emerald Choker as a headpiece was a wonderful choice by the Princess and certainly supported her trendsetter reputation.”

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While many loved the bold choice, the queen was reportedly not amused by Diana’s decision to use the priceless heirloom as a headband instead of a choker. Queen Elizabeth might not have been a fan, but the rest of the world was, still remembering Diana’s fun fashion statements 25 years later.

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