Priscilla Presley’s Face Allegedly ‘Ravaged’The Plastic Surgery Backfires, Unverified Rumor Claims


Has Priscilla Presley Her face was irreparably scarred by plastic surgery. One tabloid claims Elvis Presley’s ex-wife is nearly unrecognizable. Let’s check in on the former movie star.

Priscilla Presley Makes ‘Vain Attempt To Fix Face’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer Fans are concerned about PriscillaPresley, according to reports. During a recent outing, the actress’ “puffy”According to reports, the attention was drawn by his appearance. “She clearly looks like she’s had new work done, but there is no undoing the damage,” a cosmetic surgeon who hasn’t treated Presley confides. The tipter suggests that Presley has had an “another procedure”. “avalanche of procedures,”Each one does more harm than the other.

The magazine reminds readers, however, that Presley has had a complex history with plastic surgery. Presley was injected with non-FDA approved silicone by an unlicensed doctor, who claimed it was more effective than Botox. Presley has been under corrective treatment since then to address the damage the substance did. “This kind of silicone injection has left her face damaged beyond repair,”These are the notes of an expert “It has distorted her face with multiple unsightly lumps. This is uncorrectable.”

Priscilla Presley Fails To Fix ‘Ravaged Face’?

This report is extremely cruel and completely disregards the traumatizing ordeal Presley suffered. Presley was born in 2008. TMZ Reports claimed that a con artist was involved wormed his way into Hollywood’s elite plastic surgery community. The phony doc in question peddled non-FDA-approved silicone—similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts—as a miracle drug. For a high price, he injected wealthy people with the substance, leaving many with paralysis, lumps, and even holes in the skin. Presley was unfortunately one of those victims.

Despite all that Priscilla Presley endured, the outlet chose to continue to attack and criticize Presley’s appearance. But here’s the best part. Presley doesn’t look that different than she did years ago. It’s unclear what inspired the outlet to go after Presley now, over a decade after her filler fiasco. But we can definitely say that the tabloid’s insistence that “her beauty will NEVER be restored”This is absolutely shameful, and it is inexcusable.

The Tabloid On Presley Family

While Priscilla Presley isn’t usually the tabloid’s target, the National Enquirer Lisa Marie certainly has a history with shameful comments about her daughter. Last year, the magazine sounded alarms over Lisa Marie’s health because of her allegedly-concerning appearance. The outlet claimed Lisa Marie needed a liver transplant but this was completely unsupported. The outlet was wrong. Inquire isn’t really looking out for the Presley family.