Prison gate torn down by families after brawl between inmates


After angry families broke through a gate, chaos erupted in a prison following a mass inmate brawl.

At Apodaca, Mexico, there were a series of horrifying scenes. During this time, worried relatives demanded that their loved ones not be transferred.

Some were also asking for updates from guards about the health of their loved ones.

The shocking footage shows the gate collapse under the weight of protests, as riot police approach with shields.

Reporter from Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey stated on Twitter that three people were seriously injured by the collapse of the structure. Two journalists also were among them.

6 people were injured in an earlier incident at Apodaca Social Reintegration Center. Prison officers responded quickly to stop the violence.

Aldo Fassi Zuazua, Secretary for Security, said it on Twitter: “A few moments ago there was a fight between people at the Apodaca 1 Reintegration Center, this event is under control”

“The fight was quickly and effectively contained by security elements from the prison; six people suffered minor injuries that are not life-threatening.”

In the meantime, the secretary of public security for the region assured the public that the problem was under control. He also stated that prison activities were now back to normal.

He said: “The activities in the Penitentiary Center are in order and the people deprived of their liberty without any risk.”

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