Private Investigators Find Out Why David Ortiz Was Killed in 2019


David Ortiz, MLB star was targeted by a drug peddler back in 2019. According to the Associated Press private investigators determined a Dominican drug trafficker had Ortiz shot at a Dominican nightclub in 2019 because he was jealous and felt disrespected by him. Edward Davis, Boston Police Commissioner The Boston Globe that drug-trafficker César Peralta orchestrated the shooting by placing a bounty on Oritz and sanctioning the hit squad that tried to kill him. 

Peralta is currently being held in Puerto Rico without bail on unrelated charges, including conspiracy to import heroin and cocaine. Joe Baerlein, Oritz’s spokesperson, told the GlobeThe findings were withheld from Ortiz for his safety while Peralta was being held in U.S custody. Peralta has not been charged with the shooting. 

“As bad as César Peralta is, it’s not even close to being in the ballpark to say he had something to do with this,”Joaquin Perez, Peralta’s lawyer, said that Peralta had also mentioned Ortiz as well. “close friends.”Oritz, however, told the GlobePeralta was only a casual acquaintance. “sad, confused, angry, all kinds of emotions”He heard the news. 

13 persons were arrested in connection with the shooting. Dominican authorities claim that the target was Sixto David Fernandez, who was right next to Ortiz during the shooting. Ortiz had undergone multiple surgeries after the shooting and was hospitalized for nearly 50 days. 

“People need to understand, this isn’t a movie where you get shot in the street and you’re back two minutes later,”Ortiz said the GlobeIn 2019. “No, I got shot and almost died. I only have one life to live. I can’t just go to the pharmacy and buy another one.”  

Ortiz, 46 years old, played six seasons for the Minnesota Twins, and 14 for the Boston Red Sox. Ortiz won the Silver Slugger Award seven more times, was selected for the All-Star Game 10 times, and was instrumental in helping the Red Sox win three World Series titles. His career ended with 2,472 hits and 541 home runs, 1,768 RBIs, and a.286 average. In January, Oritz was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

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