Pro-Putin chief, his wife and their child, were killed – Russian media prohibited from mentioning it – World News


Pro-Vladimir Putin District Chief Alexei Innokentyev (53), and his wife, the victim, are both pro-Vladimir Putin’s parents. The suspect, now in detention, is his son Aisen Innokentyev (21). Media has been prohibited from mentioning this

The wife of a pro-Vladimir Putin local politician was killed along with her daughter. Russia has also imposed a media crackdown.

Nadezhda, 51, and Anzhelika, 31, a mother-of-one and fashion brand owner, were stabbed to death.

Despite the fact that state television and other news outlets were forbidden from covering the massacre, this information has now become public knowledge.

Pro-Putin District Chief Alexei Innokentyev is the wife and father of the victims. Now, his son Aisen Innokentyev is being detained.

The politician controls a vast area called Nyurbinsky district more than twice the size of Wales in the world’s coldest region, Yakutia, Siberia.

Anzhelika Popova lives in St Petersburg and is the owner of a clothing label. Her abdomen and chest wounds caused her death on the spot.

On the way to the hospital, her mother also died.

According to independent media reports, Aisen wrote a confession about the murders of his sister and mother at their Yakutsk family home.

Innokentyev surrendered to police and tests showed that he was intoxicated after a fight with his family members.

Regional governor Aisen Nikolayev (50), also from the pro–Putin party United Russia, imposed the media ban.

While the exact reason behind the media crackdown wasn’t clear, the state media are believed to have been under orders to limit negative news.

Similar restrictions apply to coverage of the conflict in Ukraine.

Also, footage and details about destructive forest fires in Russia are prohibited.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, the government has taken strict measures against social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

These spaces are used by tens of millions Russian citizens for independent information access. Now, they have been compromised.

According to the US State Department, such blockages are limited. “where and how Russian citizens can see and share evidence of the truth of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

They have a right to know about the death, suffering and destruction being inflicted by their government on the people of Ukraine.”