Problematic Rumors Claim Jessica Simpson’s Appearance Supposedly Has Her Husband Worried


It is Jessica Simpson‘s husband worried she’s taken her diet too far? Rumor has it, the couple is on edge because of Simpson’s shrinking physique. Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids.

Jessica Simpson is determined to ‘Be Stick-Thin’?

It was May again Us Weekly Jessica Simpson reported that she was shrinking in front of our eyes and was beginning to worry about her husband. “Jessica’s been struggling lately,”Insider dish. “Jessica wants the world to think she’s doing great, but behind the scenes, she’s spiraling… She’s obsessed with her appearance and seems to be on this mission to be stick-thin… at any cost.”The tipster also mentioned that Simpson and Eric Johnson were on the tipter’s list. “shaky ground”As his concern for her grew.

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But we weren’t seeing the same thing that the tabloid was seeing. from what we could tell on Simpson’s Instagram profile, she was looking better than ever, and her fans thought so as well. Simpson’s comment sections are always filled with supportive voices, and it’s hard to find any negativity among them. So, it was obvious that Simpson’s alleged health scare was confined to the tabloid’s cruel story.

Jessica Simpson’s Husband Begging Her To Gain Weight?

Then, National Enquirer The shocking news was that Jessica Simpson had lost 105 pounds. Apparently, the fashion designer’s weight had become a “dangerous obsession”And she began to worry her closest friends. “Her hip bones are sticking out and her waist is waspish, yet she still wants to lose ten more pounds,”The tipster trusted. “Eric thinks she could stand to gain ten pounds, not lose it!”

We pointed out the absurdity of this story. By Simpson’s own admission, she had gained and lost 100 pounds three times over. She needed a program that would work when she was trying to get her body back. She and her trainer insisted that they not use scales. According to Simpson, it’s not about how much she weighs, it’s how she feels. She even stated that she doesn’t fear going up a size or two as long as she’s taking care of herself.

Jessica Simpson Looking ‘Scary Skinny’?

Then, just a few short weeks ago, Inquire Jessica Simpson was again frightened. This time, Simpson’s friends and family were supposedly getting seriously concerned that she was going to hurt herself. “Her cheeks are gaunt, her legs have gotten rail-tin and her bones are visible through her skin,”Insider’s story. The tabloid finally consulted a doctor who had never seen Simpson to discuss the dangers associated with rapidly increasing weight.

This story was also a complete sham. First of all, we knew that no real friends of Simpson’s would ever go running to the tabloids to talk about their fears. And finally, we weren’t falling for the outlet’s use of doctors’ testimonies. Any physician willing to cast doubt on a celebrity’s health based on photos alone isn’t one that we would want treating us. We were also confident in dismissing the story.

Simpson has been one of the tabloids’ favorite targets for years when it comes to body-shaming. Simpson has been much heavier than she is now and gossip magazines have never failed to shame Simpson for it. And now that she’s slim again, the tabloids can’t help but call her too skinny. There’s no winning this game. But, despite the endless negativity, Simpson has made it clear that she’s feeling great. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.