Prosecutors: Man in SUV Hits Woman Twice after Fender-Bender


Prosecutors announced that a New Jersey man has been charged with attempted killing in connection to a vicious attack on a road rage vehicle that left a young girl in critical condition.  

Officials said Vincent Jean, a gray SUV driver, allegedly got into an accident with another vehicle in Elizabeth’s suburban town.  

The driver of the other car, a 23-year-old woman, was taking photos of the SUV, apparently for evidence, when the SUV reversed in her direction, footage of the incident captured on a neighbor’s home security camera showed.   

Prosecutors said that the woman tried to run into a driveway in order to escape, but the SUV pursued her. The SUV pursued her as she ran across the lawn.  

The woman was seriously injured.  

“What this man did to our daughter was atrocious,” the victim’s parents said in a statement. “This man was a complete stranger who committed a heinous act of road rage.” 


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