Prosthetics allow little girl with meningitis and lost limbs to run


Computerized prosthetics enable a little girl from the United Kingdom with no arms or legs to run and play using computerized prosthetics.

Harmonie Rose, 8 years old, contracted meningitis while she was still a baby.

When sepsis ravaged her little body, doctors amputated Harmonie’s arms, legs and the tip of her nose to save her life.

Now, she is making history as the youngest person in the world to receive a new type of prosthetics with computerized knees.

Freya Hall is Harmonie Hall’s mom and told CBS News, “As long as she can hold on she’s able to climb stairs with these on.”

“By the end of the week, she was walking independently,” she added. “You can’t explain the feeling, really, because it was just so lovely!”

The prosthetics reduce Harmonie’s risk of falling, with small computers and sensors that detect motion and change resistance using hydraulics.  

And Harmonie and her 8-year-old’s level of energy is putting the prosthetics to work.

“She’s an active girl. I think we last measured her at two and a half thousand steps a day, which for a bilateral amputee, that’s just amazing,”  physiotherapist Mary Tebb told CBS News.

Harmonie can now walk and run in an active future thanks to this technology.  

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