Protein Bar Recalled After Severe Mixup


The new recall is a warning to consumers that they should check the ingredients of any snack before they grab their favorite protein bars. Chemist Warehouse Group issued an urgent recall on its INC Shred Max Raspberry Coconut Flavour protein bars May 2, after it was discovered that the bars were packaged incorrectly, leading to undeclared peanuts.

The recall has an impact on the protein bars of Chemist Warehouse Group. The 60-gram INC Shred Max Raspberry Coconut Flavor bar is being recalled. It has the batch number. “176532”Best before date “16/12/22,”According to a recall notification shared by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. The packaging for the bar is red and has features “INC”In the upper left corner “Shred Max”The top” and the flavor at the bottom. However, that flavor is incorrect. The recall notice states that “This recall has been caused by an incorrectly packaged product that contained an undeclared allergen (peanut). The product packaging is for INC Shred Max Raspberry Coconut Flavour but the product inside is INC Shred Max Peanut Caramel Flavor.”

Consumers with peanut allergies could be exposed to potential health hazards from the mixup, according to the Mayo ClinicPeanut allergy is the leading cause of severe allergy attacks. Peanut allergy symptoms can be seen within minutes of exposure. They include skin reactions, itching, tingling, digestive problems, tightening the throat, wheezing, shortness or breathlessness, as well as skin reactions. Peanut allergy is the most common reason for food-induced allergic reaction. This is a serious condition that can cause breathing problems and even death.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand did not disclose whether any adverse reactions were reported in relation to the recall notice. This recall seems to only have an impact on consumers in Australia or New Zealand. The product was only available at Chemist Warehouses nationwide. The recall applies to consumers who have purchased the product and are allergic or intolerance to peanuts. Instead, the product should be returned to the original place of purchase for a full reimbursement. Those with additional questions can contact Chemist Warehouse Group at (03) 9462 9111 or

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