Psychic who “sees spirits” recalls possessed persons’ ‘lifeless eyes’ as the body was ‘caved-in’


Kelly RichA gift gives her the ability to communicate with another side.

This 32-year old woman from Maine, America claims that she discovered this gift when her father died as a child.

Now, she can communicate with angels and spirits and has seen people become possessed.

“Sometimes I see spirits like they are on a fuzzy screen of sorts, sometimes I see them and what they are wearing, what their hair looks like and so on,”Silver Screen Beat interviewed her.

“Sometimes I just feel them and get downloads of their energy and that is more of a knowing that I have.”

Kelly explained that this is similar to a “kaleidoscope” because she sees many things simultaneously.

Kelly Rich has seen angels and spirits through her work
Kelly Rich has witnessed angels and spirits through the work of her.

She continued: “I am in the room and can see what’s physically in front of me but I can also see what is there in the spirit world, too.”

Kelly says that the unusual experiences don’t stop there. Kelly shared her ‘bizarre’ and ‘eye-opening’ experience with a client looking for guidance.

Unexpectedly, the client was taken over by the entity.

She says her gifts came to her after her father died
She believes her gifts came to them after her father passed away.

“From what I remember, there was a type of intrusion going on and this energy was contorting the body and it was starting to cave in on itself, the eyes of my client were lifeless, and I could feel a real depletion everywhere,”She said.

“Some people would replace the word intrusion with possession. I felt like as I was talking to them, I wasn’t really getting anywhere because there was this outside force within them calling the shots and I was really needing to communicate with the intrusion.

“I was informed by my client that she wasn’t ready to do the healing work. This was the moment I realized I wasn’t interested in working with dark intrusions or people who aren’t ready to heal.

Sometimes when she sees spirits they look like a fuzzy image on a screen
Sometimes, when she sees spirits, they look like a blurred image on a screen.

Kelly also remembers the time she helped a client deal with the loss of their mother.

Kelly was able pass on a message from her mum’s funeral.

“Her mother came through and gave me her exact name and very detailed messages,”She said.

“I will never forget the gratitude and relief my client felt, nor how I felt to be able to be a channel for such healing. When she left there was a physical outline of an angel on my door.

“Maybe it was there always and I just saw it now, but I don’t believe coincidences. It was a message about a job well done. That’s how I saw it.”

While experiences like these might come as a shock to others, Kelly says she’s always known that she is different.

One of Kelly's clients became possessed during a session
Kelly had a client who was possessed by Kelly during a session

Kelly said that Kelly has always been sensitive and can pick up on the energy of others.

“I wasn’t always celebrated for this [ability] so I used to bury my feelings and hide them through numbing,”She shared.

“As I got older and started doing different healing work, I came to a point where I felt like I had to stop avoiding my pain.

“It was difficult to believe that I was being sensitive.”

Thankfully Kelly eventually decided to teach herself the tools she needed to harness her ability. This has allowed her to help others.

Kelly said that she has always known that she is different
Kelly claimed that Kelly knows from the beginning that she is different

Kelly stated that Kelly’s father died in 1997. Kelly was responsible for all of this. “very confusing time” for her.

“I have come to understand that he came to visit me quite often, yet I didn’t understand my gifts at the time and had a lot of fear around sensing the other side and spirits in general,”She shared her secrets.

“I believe his death was a catalyst for me into this work. I’ve always been drawn to angels, energy and healing work even since before I decided I would do it as my profession.”

Kelly was healed and can now assist others with any issues they might be having.

The 32-year old believes her personal experience with loss has helped her to work with clients.

“I am able to hold space and nurture those that have gone through a loss of some kind in unique ways because I can put myself in their shoes,”Kelly said.

“In a way, I see the death of my father and other family members as ways to crack me open and get me down the path I am on.”

Kelly believes that her own loss is what helps her relate to clients
Kelly believes that clients can relate to her because of her own losses.

Kelly is often referred to her work as medium or psychic work but she refers to herself more as an intuitive or seeress.

Through her unique soul readings and retreats, she assists people around the world.

“I cherish this work and feel so blessed to wake up and share something I love,”She said.

“Helping people connect to their intuition and spiritual gifts is where my heart is lately and where I see my work moving into.

“After hearing people enjoy my podcast, Own Your Intuition and seeing the benefits it had for them, I decided to create the course and other programs around helping others be their own intuitive.

“Because you may feel that I or others are connected to the divine doesn’t mean you aren’t or can’t. The work lies in being open, receptive and trusting that you can connect.”

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