Puppies Rescued From Dire Conditions Now Need Foster Homes


They’re happy, playful puppies now, but Nicole Butler says it’s a vast improvement from the condition she found them in. 

“This gal that had this whole situation was really just a product of a bad community, like she was getting dumped on,” Butler said of one of the dogs. 

These five pups and their mom were rescued from a home in Tennessee, where the owner was overwhelmed with pets. Butler said the woman’s property was also not equipped to handle so many animals. 

“There was no running water, no electricity, everybody was outside, so it wasn’t an ideal situation for anybody to handle let alone those challenges thrown in,” Butler said. 

Butler runs an organization called Big Fluffy Dog. She coordinated a rescue to get many of the animals off the property. 

But now she’s the one who needs help and is hoping people are willing to foster Jenkins, Jelly, Junior, Jenny and Julian.

“Our space is so crowded right now, and we still have 20 on the property,” Butler said.

More information about Big Fluffy Dog rescue, the work they do and the dogs they have available for adoption and to foster can be found here


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