Puppy Survives 40-Foot Fall Off California Cliff and Comes Out Unscathed


Every dog has its day.

A 9-month-old border collie puppy fell 40 feet down a steep cliff in California, and miraculously was uninjured, officials said, 

The incident unfolded last week at Ocean Blvd. in Moss Beach, located about 23 miles south of San Francisco, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection unit in Santa Cruz, the Sacramento Bee reported

Rescuers used a pulley system to hoist the pup to safety. 

After the scary ordeal, the fire department cautioned dog owners to “always keep your dogs on a leash near the cliffs,”  CBS San Francisco reported. 

After the rescue, many pet owners chimed in thanking the local rescue crews for all their help with some sending clapping and prayer hand emojis.

“Thank you for all that you do,” wrote one person.

Another person also expressed gratitude but then quipped, “Pet parents need training.




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