Putin downplays rumours about his poor health in an ‘impressive 72-minute speech


Rumours have circulated that Putin may be in decline, but Vladimir Putin seemed to have great stamina when he delivered his speech at 69. “impressive”72-minute speech for officials

Russian President accuses Americans of “declaring they are sent by God to Earth with their sacred interests”During the spiel for the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Rumours that Putin is seriously ill were fuelled by a secret US intelligence document that claimed that Putin was being treated for advanced cancer.

An insider of the Kremlin revealed that Putin had been deposed earlier in the month. “no more than two to three years”Live.

Putin accused Americans of 'declaring they are sent by God to Earth with their sacred interests'
Putin accused Americans of declaring that they have been sent by God to Earth in order to protect their sacred interests.

Today, Putin will be keen to “play down the swirling rumours about his health”Keir Gilles, senior fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, said this. The Mirror

“A 72-minute speech as a test of stamina, even though it doesn’t compare with his previous marathon press conferences, is still going to be impressive for those who said he was at death’s door”He continued.

Putin claimed in his speech, delayed by a cyber attack from Ukraine, that Russia has hypersonic weapons that no other country has. He also stated that sanctions against Russia are a double-edged sword that will only harm the West.

According to Mr Giles, Putin is simply demonstrating his power “deep as ever, down the rabbit hole of his own conspiracy theories.”

Although hypersonic missile threats may seem concerning, the rhetoric we heard in Mr Giles’ speech is strangely familiar.

Mr Giles said that Putin is merely demonstrating he is 'deep as ever, down the rabbit hole of his own conspiracy theories'
According to Mr Giles, Putin is simply proving that he is as deep as ever down the rabbit hole of his own conspiracies.

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Mr Giles continued: “Threats like this sometimes get an excited reaction in Western countries but anybody that has been listening to President Putin for more than the last three months, knows that this is a standard.

“Putin was able to come out with his standard Putin-isms. Anyone looking for a change in course or an understanding of the consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine over the long-term will be disappointed.”

In the speech, he once again pledged to conquer Ukraine and make it a part of Russia: “All tasks for the special operation can be completed, it is certain. Our soldiers’ courage and heroism are the best guarantee for this.”

Mr Giles said all the Kremlin leader is doing is “Russia continues to be isolated and hostile.”

He continued: “Russia retreats to its historical comfort zone, which is aggression against the rest the world and its own population.

“That’s bad news, not only for Ukraine but also for Russia’s own future. “