Putin fanatic stabbed his pregnant love to death after posting war help’


An ardent Vladimir Putin fan, who has repeatedly supported Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine, is being held under suspicion of the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

Children’s entertainer Pavel Ivanov was arrested after Aina Dalskaya, 35, was fatally stabbed in front of her 11-year-old son.

Ivanov, 31 years old, poses in a Z-sign car, symbolizing the Russian war in Ukraine.

He was dressed in camouflage and he possessed a crossbow as well as a knife.

The caption for the image is: “Banderlogs [an insulting slang term for Ukrainians] are hiding somewhere… Go hunting!”

A shirt bearing the emblem was also worn by him. ‘Z’When he allegedly murdered his lover, symbol

Ivanov was a vocal supporter of Putin's war
Ivanov was a strong supporter of Putin’s war.

Critics have compared the insignia used by the Russian army to invade Ukraine to the Nazi swastika. Investigators removed the ‘Z.

Dalskaya and Ivanov worked together as children’s entertainers, posing as PAW Patrol, Spiderman, Lady Bug, and Harry Potter.

Mash media outlet has obtained images from CCTV footage from Vsevolozhsk in Leningrad region that show how the victim collapsed soon after being stabbed before her son.

Dalskaya left her former husband Dmitry Dalsky (seen here at right) for Ivanov
Dalskaya divorced her husband Dmitry Dalsky (seen right) to make way for Ivanov

Dalskaya was stabbed five times and finally found help through a computer club.

These images depict her son, who is traumatized, and a man trying to help him by calling an ambulance.

Paramedics couldn’t save her.

CCTV cameras also capture the suspect fleeing from the scene.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin
Ivanov is a fervent Putin fan

Dalskaya had divorced her husband Dmitry Dalsky for Ivanov. However, their relationships had become difficult and she had to move out.

Dalsky claims that she was talking to her ex-spouse at the time she was stabbed.

“I was on a video call with Aina at that moment,” he told Mash media outlet.

“She was standing with her back to the entrance, [a man] approached, stabbed her, snitched the phone, grabbed her bag and took out the money and ran away.”

Ivanov worked as a children's entertainer
Ivanov was a child entertainer

Video of law enforcement officers apprehending Ivanov.

“He is currently being interrogated on the circumstances of the crime,”The Russian Investigative Committee stated the same.

“In the near future, he will be charged and a measure of restraint will be chosen.”

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