Putin “has ties” football owner who stormed pitch in gunfire


Ivan Savvidis is the owner of Greek Super League side PAOK. This is due to his connections with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Savvidis – who is Greek-Russian – has formerly been a member of Putin’s political party, and he owned Russian club FC Rostov. Savvidis was a member of Putin’s party and the Committee of International Affairs.

The Russian Embassy encouraged Greeks to view Open TV, Savvidis’ TV channel, in order to see an alternative view. “misleading propaganda”About the war in Ukraine. Savvidis, however, is best known for storming the pitch in 2018 with a gun.

PAOK and AEK Athens were facing each other at their home ground of Thessaloniki. A late goal caused controversy.

Fernando Varela signalled PAOK ahead with a 90th minute winner. This goal was initially ruled as a goal. The referee, however, seemed to disallow Varela’s goal signal.

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AEK players left the pitch for their safety as he confronted the referee
As the referee confronted AEK players, he asked them to leave the pitch in their safety.

Putin is behind the invasion of Ukraine that has rocked the world
Putin is behind the invasion in Ukraine that rocked the globe

Savvidis stormed the pitch and appeared to have a gun in him. The game was abandoned quickly as the AEK team left the pitch for safety.

Savvidis was found guilty in possession of a gun, but the risk to cause bodily injury was not taken into account.

The 25-month suspended sentence for the Greek-Russian businessman was given. While PAOK’s sports director at the time, Luboš Michel, was handed a 10-month suspended sentence.

Savvidis was fuming with the referee's decision to disallow PAOK's late winner
Savvidis fumed at the decision of the referee to disallow PAOK’s late winner

The bans on both men also forbade them from attending PAOK games over three years. They were also required to appear at a local station on the day of games.

Savvidis, however, recently stated that he would welcome Ukrainian refugees to his luxurious hotel.

According to reports, the businessman requested staff to prepare 487 rooms in the Porto Carras resort of Chalkidiki (Greece) for refugees.

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