Putin’s friend warned the West to not go to war against Russia


Vladimir Putin’s crony Ramzan Kadyrov once warned the West ‘not to repeat Adolf Hitler’s mistakes’ and go to war with Russia.

Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic gave the chilling warning in 2018, reminding the entire world about the time the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union and were defeated by Joseph Stalin.

He stated, “modern politicians who like to voice threats”You could lose their names “forever on the list of those who raised their swords against Russia and died by the sword”.

The 45-year-old wrote: “Hitler knew nothing about our history but modern politicians who like to voice threats against our country should study the chronicles of the past ages so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of their own ancestors.

Adolph Hitler
Adolf Hitler went into war with Russia and was ‘crushed’ by Stalin

“Otherwise their name will be forever on the list of those who raised their swords against Russia and died by the sword.”

He added: “In wartime, German divisions approached Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad directly. But Hitler didn’t speak Russian and he did not know Russian history.

“Otherwise he would have given a second thought to taking the road that had been previously chosen by the French, the Swedes, the Poles and others and ending his life in the same disgraceful way as all these aggressors.”

Western powers are now suffering from the consequences of this warning. According to reports, the UK has sent its own warning. “fortress on wheels”Mastiff heavily armored vehicle to Ukraine to aid in war against Vladimir Putin’s invasion Russian forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine

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As the war continues, Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, has confirmed that a number of Mastiff heavily armored vehicles will be sent to frontline.

According to UK Defence Journal, the vehicles have a speed limit of 90 kph and will be stripped of sensitive equipment. British troops are being sent to Ukraine to train, it is believed.

The 23-tonne Mastiff, which has been described as the Army’s fortress on wheels, is used for transporting troops and can be armed with a 7.62 mm GPMG, 12.7 mm heavy machine gun or 40 mm grenade machine gun.