Putin’s kill-squad is stopped from assassinating the Ukrainian president Zelensky – World News


Russian special forces led the kill squad that consisted of 25 people. They were captured near the Slovakia–Hungary border.

It has been reported that a Russian kill squad sent to Ukraine to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky failed.

The Russian special services captured the group of 25 military assassins near the Slovakia/Hungary border. They were rummaging their plot.

The Kyiv Post tweeted the news, reporting that the group had achieved its goal. “the physical elimination of the Ukrainian President.”

Zelensky, who has been a symbol of Ukrainian resistance against Russia’s military, has managed to avoid multiple assassinations.

Zelensky was able to survive multiple plots that were foiled earlier in the month by double agents.

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Reports claim that 400 mercenaries of the Kremlin supported Wagner group and Chechen special force were sent to Ukraine to ‘decapitate’ the government.

It is believed that there were three attempts to remove President Zelensky in one week.

He said yesterday that he would meet Putin to discuss some of the demands made by Russia if it withdraws its troops from the country.

Zelensky stated to a group Russian independent journalists that Kyiv was ready to be neutral and meet Moscow’s demands.

It would cease its desire to join NATO, and pledge not to develop nukes. This was on the condition that Russia would withdraw troops from Ukraine and provide security guarantees to Kyiv.

He said that no peace agreement would be possible without a ceasefire, withdrawal of troops and a ceasefire. However, he denied trying to retake all Russian-held territory with force. “would lead to a third world war”.

He stated that the goal was to achieve a “compromise”Russian-backed forces have held the eastern Donbas region since 2014,

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Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine would not discuss other Russian demands such as demilitarisation.

Zelensky hosted an audio call, which the Kremlin warned Russian media not too report. This was to relay his message to Russian journalists just before a new round in peace talks in Turkey.

In speeches intended for Russian audiences, the president has once spoken in Russian.

He said that the proposed meeting was only possible if Ukraine’s changes were submitted to a referendum, and that third parties had to promise to protect Ukraine.

“Security guarantees and neutrality, the non-nuclear status of our state — we’re ready to do that.

“That’s the most important point… they started the war because of it,” Zelensky said.

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