Putin’s secret war strategy left behind by fleeing soldiers in Ukraine


After secret documents were discovered on the battlefield, Russia’s true intentions for Ukraine’s future have been revealed.

According to documents found in Trostyanets (Ukraine), Vladimir Putin was not the one who started the invasion to take control of the Donbass.

These documents are being investigated and show that Putin intended to seize control of the entire country of Ukraine and make it part Russia.

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation Chief Oleksiy Sukhachev said: “State Bureau of Investigation investigators have found important documents of the Russian military, which clearly show that Russia was preparing to seize the entire territory of Ukraine.

Putin's true plans are very different to the ones he likes to talk about
Putin’s true intentions are very different from what he talks about.

“All this information will be studied and attached to the case file.”

It isn’t clear what these documents are, nor where they were found on battlefields. However, it is expected that they will give Ukraine enough information for them to prove Putin’s real intentions.

This would be in line with the statements made by Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s Secretary General, to reporters in April.

He stated: “We have seen no indication that President Putin has changed his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine and also to rewrite the international order.”

The town was one of Putin's first targets in the ongoing invasion
This was the first target of Putin’s ongoing invasion.

Trostyanets was among Putin’s first targets and was attacked two days after the nearly four month-long invasion.

Many residents fled to other parts of the country after the area was nearly destroyed.

Pavlo, a resident, said that France 24 was his favorite channel. “They arrested people and stole their phones so they could call home.

“There were Russians, Chechens and even pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists from the Donbas region, who were the “The most brutal, evicting people and taking their homes.

“It was dangerous to walk by here – there was nothing left to eat in the town, no water and no electricity.”

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