Quarterback Nick Miner dies in a car accident while trying to help stranded driver


Nick Miner was a high school football player from Orlando, Florida. He tried to help an injured driver by the side of the road, but he died while trying to save him. He was only 18 years old. According to WOFL (per PEOPLEMiner (born Miner) was a former East River High School quarterback. On Sunday, a car struck Miner’s truck on the side of a road. According to reports, Miner was helping his friend get out of a ditch when the accident occurred. 

Becky Watson, East River principal Facebook shared the news about Miner’s death. “I know I speak for our entire East River High community when I express the grief felt at the loss of one of our own,”Watson said. “My thoughts and prayers are with this student’s family and friends as they go through this extremely difficult time. I want us all to respect the family’s privacy at this time. We will have grief counselors available on campus first thing in the morning for any student or staff member who needs to speak with someone about this loss. A wide range of emotions can be felt during the grief process and we encourage you to openly discuss your son or daughter’s reaction to this news.”

Police say a 27-year old driver of a white Honda Insight was heading North on Dallas Boulevard. “failed to observe”Miner’s white Ford F-150 stopped on the road while he tried to pull his gray Ford F-150 along. It caused the Honda to strike the white Ford F-150. Two other people — a 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old woman — were hit by the white Ford F-150 as it was overturned after being hit by the Honda. The driver, aged 27, is currently being investigated.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get that picture out of my head,” His father, Derek, shared his story with WOFL. “Of my baby boy stuck under that truck. We’re all broken, we’re all lost, we’re in shock right now.”I ran fast to him. I saw him being pinned underneath the car. His friends were also there. We tried to lift it up but couldn’t.

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