Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Begging Her To Let Harry And Their Kids Visit Her Before It’s Too Late


Is it? Meghan MarkleHer family away Queen Elizabeth? One tabloid reported that the queen wants Prince HarryHis children and him to visit her before she ends her reign. Here’s what we know about the Sussexes’ UK boycott.

Prince Harry ‘Refuses To See His Family’?

This week’s edition of Life & Style reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are refusing to visit the UK, despite Queen Elizabeth’s pleas. The duke and duchess’ spokesperson recently announced that they haven’t visited the UK due to a lack of police protection. And with the queen’s Platinum Jubilee quickly approaching, she’s devastated that Harry can’t find a way back across the pond to celebrate. “It breaks the queen’s heart,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

Some sources claim that Markle is merely trying to hide the security concerns. “Meghan has no desire to return to the U.K. again,”One tipter explains. “Her friends are saying that Meghan is trying to pull the get-out-of-jail-free card by using the security problem as an excuse to not fly to London — and she has brainwashed Harry into thinking it’s a major issue, too.”

Nevertheless, the queen hasn’t stopped trying to clear the way for the Sussexes’ return. “She’s still begging Meghan, ‘Please let Harry come home for the Platinum Jubilee,’”The source is reliable. “Her desperation is clear at this point.”

Queen Elizabeth is Heartbroken by the Refusal

While we have no idea what pleas Queen Elizabeth has or hasn’t made to the Sussexes, we seriously doubt their security concerns are all for show. Given the UK’s strict gun laws, the Sussexes’ private security detail would lose a significant mode of protection compared to the police. And it’s no secret that the court of public opinion has been much harsher to the Sussexes in the UK than in the States. It is only natural that they would feel safer if they were to cross the pond.

Additionally, any trip to the UK is bound to attract media attention. Anyone who wanted to harm Sussexes would be able to know where they are at any given moment. Not to mention, a lack of security after leaving her royal life is what left Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, vulnerable to the onslaught of harassment that ultimately caused her fatal car accident. Given all of these factors, we totally believe the Sussexes when they say they’re scared of bringing their children to the UK without sufficient security.

The Tabloid on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It’s no surprise that Life & Style This misleading report would be published about the Sussexes. The outlet claimed that Harry and Markle had been expelled following a series of scandals. “huge fights.”Tabloid reports that Queen Elizabeth had planned to gift Harry a cottage at the UK in order to get away from Markle. Finally, the tabloid reported that Harry and Markle planned to purchase a New York City house, their sixth home in five-years. Since all of these reports proved inaccurate in some way, we’re hesitant to trust anything Life & Style Says about the Duke and Duchess Sussex.

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