Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Ignoring Warnings Signs Of Failing health, Worrying The Royal Family and Unverified Claims


Is it? Queen Elizabeth IIRefusing to seek medical attention for her declining health? According to one tabloid, the royal family plans her funeral even though she claims she has many years left. Here’s the latest on the queen’s health.

Royal Family Plans 10-Day Funeral for Queen Elizabeth

This week Us Weekly reports Queen Elizabeth is refusing to admit she’s near the end of her reign. “The queen is telling people that she’s on the mend,”Insider source recipes “The problem is, she continues to have underlying health conditions, which are of great concern to her family.” As her family scrambles to figure out what a monarchy without the queen will look like, she won’t stop working. “The queen’s not in tip-top condition like she’s making out,”The source concludes.

The tabloid cites top-secret documents proving that the royals are aware of the exact fate of the queen’s death. According to reports, the UK government plans a 10-day funeral. The official website of the royal family will remain dark while processions are held throughout the country. Finally, a state funeral at Westminster Abbey will take place. Then, the queen will be buried at Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel.

What’s The Latest On Queen Elizabeth?

While it’s no secret that the queen hasn’t felt her best the past couple of months, she isn’t down for the count. The queen continues to work from the comfort of her home and has recorded multiple public statements for events she’s regrettably missed. She was even seen driving on her own around palace grounds a few weeks ago.

That being said, we doubt she’s ignoring people’s concerns. It looks like she’s followed the advice of her doctors and has taken a step away from public engagements. During A recent study by the stYou can find more information attementThe queen spoke poignantly of “The Queen”. “None of us can slow the passage of time.” It’s clear Her Majesty is under no illusions about her health. That being said, it’s just offensive to discuss her death in such detail while she maintains that she is okay.

The Tabloid on the Royals

This isn’t the first time Us Weekly The outlet was wrong about a prominent royal figure. The outlet stated earlier this year that Prince Harry was lonely. “trapped”Meghan Markle, his spouse. We pointed out the misguided nature of the report at the time. The magazine reported that Queen Elizabeth was being encouraged to step down. “before it’s too late.” Clearly, Us Weekly isn’t reliable when it comes to the royals.

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