Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Offering Kate Middleton An Unlimited Budget Amid Security Feud With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Gossip Says


Is Queen Elizabeth enlisting Kate Middleton in her mission to save the royal family? One tabloid claims the monarchy’s fate rests in Middleton’s hands. Here’s what we know about the royal family’s latest crisis.

Queen Elizabeth Leaning On Kate Middleton?

The latest edition of New Idea reports Queen Elizabeth is determined to not be blindsided by any more scandals this year, and she’s enlisted Kate Middleton to help her prepare. “Her Majesty can’t believe her good fortune that William married such an incredible young woman, who radiates nothing but kindness, maturity and work ethic — Kate reminds her of herself,” an insider dishes. And sources say she’s going to need Middleton’s strength as she returns to Sandringham to plot the family’s next move.

As Prince Harry gears up to release his “bombshell memoir” and Prince Andrew prepares to stand trial, it’s sure to be a difficult year for the monarchy. “The queen has asked Kate to step up even further this year — she feels the only way they can weather the scandal is to have a steady ship like Kate fronting up regularly to prove there is still decency in the family,” the tipster confides. “This means a lot of work for Kate — but also a lot of bonuses, too.”

Apparently, the queen plans to grant Middleton an unlimited clothing budget and unrestricted access to her personal jewel collection. But even so, Middleton fears something in her personal life may complicate their plans. “Kate has hinted that she might try for a fourth child this year — she is incredibly clucky and she’s just about convinced William,” the source reveals.

But the queen was more than happy to work around that, and rejoiced at the thought of yet another grandchild. “Thanks to Kate, the Queen has breathed a sigh of relief and is now excited to prepare for her jubilee.”

The ‘Monarchy’s Fate’ Is In Middleton’s Hands?

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton has only gotten busier in recent years. Truly, it makes sense she’d continue to take on more responsibility. Over the last couple of years, Prince Harry left his royal duties, the queen suffered health-related setbacks, and Prince Andrew was asked to step down as an active member of the royal family. Not to mention, both Middleton and William are getting closer to the throne every year.

And now that the Sussexes have openly criticized the royals for revoking their police protections in the UK, it doesn’t look like the royal drama is slowing down any time soon. So, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the royals are doing their best to put on a united front.

That being said, we have no reason to believe this insider’s story about wardrobe budgets and baby planning. If the queen and duchess are having secret discussions, we doubt this tabloid would know anything about it. From the looks of it, the outlet just wanted to put Middleton on a pedestal while simultaneously trashing the Sussexes.

The Tabloid On Kate Middleton

We know better than to believe anything New Idea writes about Kate Middleton. Last spring, the outlet reported Prince William and Middleton were taking the crown from Prince Charles to “reform the monarchy.” Then the magazine claimed Middleton was FaceTiming the Sussexes. And even more recently, the publication alleged Middleton was already pregnant with her fourth child and struggling with morning sickness. Obviously, New Idea doesn’t have the insight into Middleton’s life that it pretends to.

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