Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Reeling After Meghan Markle’s ‘Cruel Letter’ And Refusal To Let Her See Her Grandkids, Royal Rumors Say


Is Meghan Markle purposefully keeping her kids away from Queen Elizabeth? Rumor has it, Markle has reached new lows in her war against the royal family. Here’s what the tabloids are saying about the Duchess of Sussex.

Queen Elizabeth Begging Meghan Markle To Let Her Kids Visit?

Earlier this month, Life & Style reported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were ignoring Queen Elizabeth’s pleas for them to visit. As the monarch prepared to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee later this year, the Sussexes were making a fuss about not having police protection across the pond. But sources told the tabloid that the security pleas were all a ploy. “Meghan has no desire to return to the U.K. again,” a snitch whispered. Nevertheless, the queen wasn’t giving up. “She’s still begging Meghan, ‘Please let Harry come home for the Platinum Jubilee,’” the source confided. “Her desperation is clear at this point.”

While we couldn’t speak to any private conversations the queen may have had with the Sussexes, we seriously doubted their security concerns were all for show. Given the UK’s strict gun laws, the Sussexes’ private security team would be at a disadvantage compared to the police. And since the duke and duchess have faced much harsher criticism in the UK than the United States, it only made sense that they’d feel at a greater risk across the pond. So, while it seems plausible that Her Majesty would want Harry to visit for the momentous occasion, we weren’t buying into this cruel portrait the tabloid was painting of Markle.

The Sussexes Using ‘Emotional Blackmail’ Against Queen Elizabeth?

Then we saw that the National Enquirer had reported a similar story. According to the tabloid, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were using their security concerns as a “cop-out.” Apparently, the pair planned to get Queen Elizabeth’s hopes up just to let her down again. “Harry and Meghan have such huge egos, they’re trying to rewrite the rules — using their children as pawns,” an insider dished. “This is a disgusting case of emotional blackmail against Harry’s family!”

But once again, the magazine completely ignored all of the valid reasons the Sussexes have for requesting police protection. Besides, it was a bit hard to swallow the thought that this tabloid was speaking to someone with personal information about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Charles. It was all too obvious that this so-called “insider” was either lying, or they were a total fabrication.

Queen Elizabeth Shaken After Reading ‘Cruel Letter’ From Meghan Markle?

Finally, Woman’s Day revealed that it wasn’t the Sussexes’ absence that weighed on the queen, but rather their upcoming plans to visit. Apparently, Her Majesty’s recent trip to Sandringham all had to do with Markle. “The chatter among the Queen’s staff is that Meghan has sent her a letter, essentially telling her she plans to bring the family home for her jubilee,” an insider spilled. “But if Meghan thought the Queen would be pleased, she should think again.” The source went on, insisting the queen wouldn’t welcome them back to the UK without an apology.

But all the outlet could provide was speculation about what the queen might have been feeling about something Markle may have written. There was absolutely no evidence to even suggest Markle had sent the queen a letter, let alone that its contents were so distressing that the monarch needed to go on vacation. Besides, the Sussexes’ bid for police protection in the UK hadn’t even gone under judicial review, so we were pretty certain that they weren’t booking flights just yet.

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