Queen Elizabeth Being Urged To Step Down Before It’s Too Late?


It is Queen ElizabethAre you ready to hand the throne to Prince Charles? According to one tabloid, doctors are asking her to retire from her royal duties. Here’s what we know about the future of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Queen Elizabeth to Resign Over Health Concerns

The latest edition Us Weekly reports Queen Elizabeth isn’t the race horse she used to be when it comes to her royal duties. The monarch was able to walk with the aid of a cane at a recent event. Many speculated that she was struggling to move. While some believe the cane was a precaution, others worry it’s a sign that her days of lengthy public appearances are behind her. “There’s a growing sense among the queen’s inner circle that her reign is inevitably drawing to a close,”Insider recipes

“She’s in excellent condition for someone of her age, but the feeling is that she needs to take a step back and allow herself more rest instead of pushing herself in an official capacity.” Doctors also urged Her Majesty to forgo her evening cocktail, but she doesn’t get what all the fuss is over. “She takes on a lot because she feels up for it,”The tipper insists “despite those around her thinking that she can’t handle it.”

In the Final Days Of Her Reign, Queen Elizabeth

The queen does not intend to step down. First of all, the queen’s health has always been a highly secretive matter. We are skeptical that anyone who has real knowledge of her health is talking to the tabloids. The queen is also in good health. At her other public appearances, she eschewed the cane and seemed to be able to move around without difficulty.

The queen was admitted to hospital for a brief time. However, it was explained by reports that it was an emergency so she could rest up during her UK tour. Soon after, she was crowned queen. The graciously declined “Oldie of the Year Award.”Her private secretary wrote the following statement, which was approved by Queen Elizabeth. “Her Majesty believes you are as old as you feel, as such, The Queen does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept and hope you will find a more worthy recipient.”

That’s it! The queen feels young, and that’s what counts. While we’re sure Her Majesty is under no illusions about her age, she’s proven herself perfectly capable of continuing to rule. There’s no evidence to suggest anyone is urging her to step down, and we’re doubtful she has no plans to.

The Tabloid on the British Royal Family

Besides, we wouldn’t trust anything Us Weekly what the royals have to say. The tabloid reported last year that Prince William and Kate Middleton were taking over Prince Charles in succession. The magazine then reported that Queen Elizabeth would resign in 2021. The tabloid then reported Again Prince Charles was being handed over. Evidently, Us Weekly isn’t reliable when it comes to the royal line of succession.