Queen Elizabeth Ends Prince Andrew Investigation, Charles Stepping down, and More Royal Gossip


We don’t stop listening to royal gossip. We’ve got a new batch of royal rumors from the tabloids, and they’re absolutely fascinating. Brothers Prince William Prince Harry’sThe relationship between the two is now worse than ever, despite them appearing united this summer. 

In the meantime, their father Prince Charles’The most recent scandal allegedly caused the British heir to the throne to consider abdicating. Queen ElizabethShe is said to be interfering with her younger son. Prince Andrew’sScotland Yard police investigation, one tabloid claims. 

With so many scandals dominating the tabloids, there’s not a member of the royal family who isn’t feeling the heat in some way or another. Some are closer to the fire than other.

Prince Charles is Forced to Step Down over Scandal, Abdicating The Throne

Prince Charles is currently embroiled within controversy following a report that revealed that his top aide had been involved with an alleged scheme to cash-for honors. Numerous tabloids claimed that Charles and his regal mother have been riven by the scandal, with some even suggesting that Charles might abdicate.

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Queen Elizabeth Derailing Prince Andrew Investigation and Calling Off Scotland Yard

The latest issue Globe has accused Queen Elizabeth of using her influence as the reigning monarch to put an end to Scotland Yard’s investigation into the sexual assault claims against her son Prince Andrew. The agency recently announced they’d closed the investigation into the allegations against the disgraced royal and that there was nothing further they could do.

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Prince Harry and Prince William Fighting More Than Ever Following a Disastrous Meeting

The relationship between William and Harry, the princely brother, has been frosty for the last year. While presenting a united front, the two brothers unveiled a statue in her honor. Some might think that the moment was a turning point in the lives of the brothers, who are known for being close all their lives. However, the tabloids show a very different picture.

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