Queen Elizabeth once broke protocol to visit family in hospital


Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-serving monarch. Her Majesty was known for being a follower of rules throughout her 70-year-long reign. There were rare occasions where the queen would break protocol, but she always had good reasons. One example was visiting a relative in hospital.

The Queen visited Her Daughter-In Law

When Queen Elizabeth II visited Sophie, the Countess from Wessex, in the hospital in 2003, she broke one of the rules the royal family follows.

Sophie had just given birth her eldest daughter, Lady Louise Windsor. But the birth went awry and the queen decided to visit the hospital instead of visiting her daughter-in laws.

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As Hello Magazine reported, “It was a worrying time, as the new mother had a traumatic birth, needing an emergency cesarean a month before her due date, with fears that she might not survive.”

During this time, the queen showed grace to the Countess de Wessex. It was an extremely distressing birth, as the mother and child had no choice but to separate after Louise was born. The baby was taken to St. George’s Hospital in London in order to receive specialist care. The baby received the necessary care. Louise is now 18 and attends St. Andrews University.

The Royal Rebel

This is not the first time Queen Elizabeth has broken protocol. In fact her majesty has broken the rules many times over her 70-year tenure.

Michelle Obama was a rebel when she wrapped her arm around Her Majesty’s queen in 2009 when she met her Majesty. This was significant because one of the most important rules when meeting royalty is to not touch them. However, Queen Elizabeth responded by placing her hand on Obama’s back in return.

As the queen’s senior dressmaker Angela Kelly wrote in her book about the encounter, The Other Side to the Coin: The Queen (The Dresser and the Wardrobe), “In reality, it was a natural instinct for the Queen to show affection and respect for another great woman, and really there is no protocol that must be adhered to.”

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The rules were also broken by the queen every Christmas. Anyone not belonging to the royal family is forbidden from eating in the Sandringham House dining hall. Each year, however, the queen invites the royal chef to have a drink before the meal begins.

While Queen Elizabeth II was an enforcer of rules in most situations, she had the ability to find exceptions. Sometimes, she was happy being the royal rebel.

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