Queen Elizabeth revokes titles from Prince Harry


It is Queen Elizabeth revoking Prince Harry‘s titles? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed the duke was going to lose his royal status once and for all. Let’Let’s have a look at the rumor.

Prince Harry ‘No Longer A Prince’?

Twelve months ago Life & Style According to Queen Elizabeth, she had the perfect revenge planned for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. She wanted to remove all royal titles from Harry Markle and Markle. This would mean that Harry would no longer be a prince or duke. The queen wanted him to “pay the ultimate price”For his snide remarks against the royal family. She had no intention of allowing the Sussexes to walk away from her without facing the consequences. A source insider said that the queen was “not afraid to take it further.”

Her Majesty became furious after hearing that Harry had signed one mega-deal after another. The queen was furious that her grandson had been given these deals without doing any work. “Do you really think if they were commoners it would’ve happened just like that? No!”The tipster exclaimed. The queen was not happy with the Sussexes using monarchy like a drug. “trashy cash cow,”And was willing to seize them at the source. If they didn’t have any royal titles, they wouldn’t be able to cash in on them.

Prince Harry’s Royal Titles Are Safe

If Prince Harry was stripped of his royal titles, this outlet certainly wouldn’t be the only one reporting on it. Since the publication of this report, no credible outlets has supported its claims. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their titles as Duke and Duchess are still intact. They would certainly have lost their titles if it was possible. Oprah Winfrey’s now-infamous interview with the Sussexes in March revealed this fact. The Sussexes, however, are still royals.

But, Harry and Markle’s royal status aside. People are interested in their opinions. They would generate even more attention if their titles were taken away. Continue readingPublic interest in their lives. As even more time passes, it’s looking less and less likely that their titles are in any danger. Rest assured, Harry will not be a prince if the unthinkable occurs. Life & Style won’t be the one breaking that news.

The Tabloid on The Sussexes

Life & Style When it comes to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, has not been reliable in the past. The tabloid reported earlier this year that Prince Harry was “on the verge of total breakdown”After a series “huge fights”Meghan Markle. The magazine reported that Markle and Harry were forbidden by the Queen to christen their daughter here in the UK. The magazine also reported that the Sussexes were “banned from the palace”The queen. Naturally, Life & Style can’t be trusted when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.