Queen Elizabeth Snacks During Platinum Jubilee


Queen Elizabeth kicked off her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in a surprise pre-recorded skit for the event that featured a special British icon: Paddington Bear. Viewers watched as the iconic character made his way to Buckingham Palace. He sat down with Her Majesty for tea. 

Paddington thanked Queen Elizabeth II for inviting him to her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. “Tea? Never mind,”As Paddington continued to drink straight from the teapot with only a few drops left for the monarch, she added in peace. Paddington took a marmalade sandwich out of his hat and gave it to Queen Elizabeth. “I always keep one for emergencies.”

“So do I. I keep mine in here,”She replied, and took a sandwich from her. Always-present handbag. “For later.”The attendant looked out through the Buckingham Palace windows, and informed her that the party was about start.”Happy Jubilee, Ma’am,”Paddington stated. “And thank you…for everything. 

“It’s very nice.” The Queen replied. A Palace spokesman said this of the lighthearted sketch: “Her Majesty is known for her humor so it shouldn’t surprise that she agreed to participate in tonight’s sketch. There was interest in filming and animation, and the chance to invite a famous bear for tea was too good to pass up.”

Drummers played the famous opening notes of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” outside while Queen Elizabeth and Paddington clinked their spoons against their tea cups to the beat.

Queen + Adam Lambert opened up the concert, which will feature notable performers, such as Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Alicia Keys, with Diana Ross starring in the show’s finale. Paddington Bear and Kate Middleton previously danced together at his namesake train station in London alongside Prince William and Prince Harry in 2017.

Princes Charles and William spoke to the crowd later in the evening, including 22,000 frontline workers who had tickets to the concert in front of Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence.

On stage, the monarch’s eldest son, Charles, stood alongside his spouse, the Duchess of Cornwall, to pay tribute to his mother. “From your family, the Commonwealth, and from the entire world, thank you. In light of your selfless service over the years, I would like to express my appreciation to you all.” 

“We remember all the things you did to make Commonwealth such an effective force for good. Keep making history.” he added.”You, gentlemen and ladies, are what get my mother up each morning. We have had the pleasure of meeting you, sharing stories, laughing and crying with us. And, most importantly, we have had your support over these 70 years.” Prince Charles continued. “You made a promise to serve your entire life. You continue to deliver. This is why we’re here. That is what we celebrate tonight… That is why we all say thank you.”

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