Queen Elizabeth Styles Her Hair to Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee


Even Queen Elizabeth must refresh her look from time to time. For decades, the British monarch had a similar style to hers. Only a slight change in color as she grew older made a difference. This was her platinum Jubilee, and her last days of rule.

The Jubilee celebrations continued strong and her iconic longer look was last seen on June 2. It seems that Queen Elizabeth is now done with the major ceremonies. A shorter look was chosen by the client. Photos taken at Windsor Castle show the queen wearing a yellow blouse with a short, sleek cut to her hair. She seems to have a neck now that she wears it, whereas it used to appear her older hair was pulling her head down.

Although it may have taken her a while to get back to the salon, it was a long time. PEOPLE reported that Angela Kelly, her close aide was responsible for cutting her hair and setting it.

“From March 2020 onwards I washed The Queen’s hair every week, set and styled it, and even trimmed it when needed. My team named it Kelly’s Salon,”Kelly wrote the following as an addition in her book The Other Side of The Coin. The Queen, The Dresser, And The Wardrobe. “During the first two weeks, I was shaking. I had only done her hair once or twice before while on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. The Queen was so kind as she advised me on the very specific way to put the rollers in.”

Fair enough, styling the hair for the queen would be nerve-wracking. Today’s penalties for making a mistake are much less severe than those of old when kings or queens were the law.

“As I grew in confidence I’m sure The Queen thought I was a professional and started shouting at me, ‘Don’t do that, do it this way. That’s right, you’ve got it, don’t change it.’ I was thinking, goodness me, I need a gin and tonic,”Kelly completes. “So while The Queen was under the dryer I said to her, ‘I’m off for a stiff drink because this is so stressful, getting it just right for you.'”

She also revealed that she used a whole can of hairspray in order to keep her hairstyle on for the entire week. Two cases were particularly stressful because they were broadcast live to the world via television. “I had to wash and set her hair and at the end of that, never mind one gin and tonic – I needed a whole bottle!”She added. “he Christmas broadcast was another reason to reach for the gin. Any time The Queen was without a hat was stressful as there was nowhere to hide, so I had to get her hair perfect.”

The real question is whether the queen intentionally changes her appearance or is simply trying to correct a past mistake. The queen is a monarch so she can’t attend the party in fun wigs. Imagine Phil Spector but with the royal elegance.

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