Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Arrives to Windsor Castle For Final Rest


On Monday morning, Queen Elizabeth II was buried in Westminster Abbey, London. It marked the end to the official mourning period for the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch.

Over 100 heads of state and President Biden were among the 500 foreign leaders who attended. Even security protocols that were decades in the making were challenged.

Queen Elizabeth II, queen in the United Kingdom and 14 sovereign countries, was 96 when she died at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

King Charles III, her eldest child, ascensioned to the throne. He began performing constitutional duties shortly after his mother’s death.

The queen’s funeral was followed by days of planned public festivities, including a procession that ran from Buckingham Palace up to Westminster Hall. Many people waited in long lines to be allowed to see the coffin of the queen throughout the four days she was in state. Many people waited for nearly 30 hours before they could do it.

Following the funeral, the queen’s coffin and casket were carried in a walk to Hyde Park. It was then transported by a hearse from Hyde Park to Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. There, her late husband Prince Philip as well as her sister Princess Margaret were also buried.

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