Queen Elizabeth’s Health Crisis Apparently Has Palace In Chaos And Royal Family ‘Falling Apart,’Unreliable Reports


It is Queen Elizabeth dying? According to one report, her recent health issues are causing chaos in the palace. Are you a? Prince CharlesDo you shake your booties? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Chaos In The Palace’

According to Star, Queen Elizabeth’s bed rest is causing anarchy. Royal watchers were worried when the reigning monarch suddenly cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland. An insider says Prince William and Prince Charles battling over who will become king while Prince Andrew’s future remains uncertain: “With the queen under the weather, the royals are really falling apart.”

The palace is actively trying to downplay the severity of Elizabeth’s issues, but “the reality is, the queen’s health is deteriorating,”A source claims. The death of Prince Philip knocked her for a loop, but she’s determined to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee next year. One source says that it is unlikely this will happen. “The queen is confident she’ll recover in time, but some are saying that if she doesn’t start taking care of herself, there could be dire consequences.”

While Elizabeth is focused on recovery, her entire family is in disarray. William believes he should be able to overthrow his father. However, Charles has already saved $125 million for the coronation. Andrew is currently facing a sexual assault suit. He could lose his place in the royal family if Elizabeth is not there to support him. Insider’s conclusion “Palace aids are holding private meetings in preparation for the worst.”

There’s A Law For This

This would have been the 1460s and there would be a need to fear the possible death a monarch. The good news is that Parliament passed legislation which eliminates the need to worry about who will reign. Spoiler alert: It’s Charles. The royal family’s website lists heirs up to number 24, but that’s hardly official. Although hundreds of people could die, there is still a path to the throne that some British citizens can follow.

Elizabeth has already returned to work, so there’s no reason to suspect that she’s on death’s door. As for Andrew, there’s nothing anyone can really do. He’ll either lose his lawsuit or win, but Elizabeth’s support has little effect on the details of his crimes. The fate of the disgraced monarch will be revealed only in time.

Other Bogus Royal Stories

Star promised William would be named next in line over the spring, but that didn’t happen. It loves publishing stories about a succession battle between father and son, but it’s all hogwash.

It claimed Meghan Markle would give a tell all interview to Ellen DeGeneres on February 2020, which gives you an idea how sloppy this tabloid is about royal coverage. Markle met with Oprah Winfrey almost a year later. This meant that nearly every aspect of the story was incorrect. This outlet is ignorant and should be ignored.

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