Queen will be ‘flooded’ with the ‘problems of other leaders


The Queen is expected to be submerged in the “problems”As her busy Platinum Jubilee celebrations get closer, she will be joined by other Commonwealth leaders.

It will be 70 years since Her Majesty ascended to the British throne, in 1952. This year, the country celebrates her record-breaking reign with a four day Bank Holiday weekend at beginning of June.

Along with the UK and the Commonwealth, the monarch heads the Commonwealth, an association of countries linked to the British Empire.

There are 14 other Commonwealth realms that include New Zealand and The Bahamas.

The Queen must deal with many issues when she assumes her role as head of all these locations. “problems”Hugo Vickers, historian of the biannual meetings, said that they were able to get information from all the member nations.

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations will mark 70 years since Her Majesty took to the British throne
It will be 70 years since Her Majesty assumed the British throne. The celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee will commemorate this milestone

Vickers helped the monarch plan her three last jubilees, and also played a role in promoting the Platinum Jubilee.

Talking to Express, Mr Vickers said: “She has always said at Commonwealth conferences that she feels like a doctor.

“Because she sees four prime ministers in the morning and four in the afternoon and they all come in and tell her their problems.

“They love it. They go out of some meetings very excited.

“She has tremendous drawing power. Again, look at [US President Donald] Trump, he couldn’t wait to come here and be photographed with her.

The country will be celebrating with a four day Bank Holiday weekend
The country will celebrate with a 4-day Bank Holiday weekend

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“I don’t think he would have been terribly excited if it was President Blair or President Brown. It has a huge magic.”

Over the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend pubs will remain open until 1am

Brits will be able to raise a glass and toast the Queen during her 70-year reign.

The four-day weekend is now even better for many thanks to landlords who open their doors later than usual for punters.

For the event of, a special law was created to allow extended drinking hours in England and Wales from Thursday, Juni 2 through Saturday, Juni 4 June. “exceptional national significance”.

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