Queen’s driver brakes hard to avoid hitting the car


As she was heading out to celebrate her 96th birthday, the Queen almost lost it when her driver had to brake hard to keep her from hitting another car.

As she drove away from Wood Farm, Sandringham estate in Norfolk, Her Majesty was seen sitting in the front passenger seat in her Range Rover.

Her driver pulled out onto the estate and a Nissan Juke was speeding along the country road at 30 mph.

To avoid a collision, the white car had to swerve around and stop abruptly. The Range Rover had also to move onto the grass verge.

The Queen was seen going out for a drive
The Queen was seen out for a drive in the morning of her birthday (96th).

A passerby told me: “The Range Rover should have stopped at the junction to let the car go by. We sometimes get cars going much faster along that road so the Queen was very lucky.”

Wood Farm was visited by the Queen yesterday. She is expected to stay there until next week.

According to the Express Her Majesty will celebrate the occasion in private with her family, while paying tribute to Prince Philip, her late husband.

Prince Philip retired in 2017 at the age of 95. He made Wood Farm his sanctuary. It is believed that he spent his golden years reading and painting.

White nissan duke
To avoid hitting the white Nissan Juke, it was necessary for the driver to engage the brakes.

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The Queen visited Wood Farm in February to celebrate Philip’s passing.

The Royal Family is expected to visit her in her modest home to celebrate her special day.

Silver Screen Beat has reached out to Buckingham Palace regarding the incident.

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